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  1. RMC saying Luiz has been in talks with Real for a transfer in the winter.
  2. I wasn't highlighted as anti Bakayoko because like I said the moment he signed, I budged from my stance and started supporting him and I still do despite his struggles. If you go back to Baka's transfer thread you would regularly find me criticizing this transfer because out of that outrageously talented Monaco team, the player I was always least impressed was our Baka but the fact is that he is here now and he is new to this league so we must at least give him more time and have more patience. If this time next season he is still churning out the same kind of performances then we can label hi
  3. You're not the only one mate. Plenty including me were saying the exact same thing in his transfer thread but once he actually put pen to paper, I think majority of us got down and started supporting him.
  4. I'd be tempted to rest Eden for this one, Looked very tired in the second half today.
  5. I feel he is much more effective coming off the bench.
  6. His performances won't surprise those who regularly watched him at Monaco, However, this is his first season here and we must remain patient with him despite his struggles.
  7. Absolutely knackered by the end but was so good in the first half. A better supporting cast and Eden could have really fired us to glory this season but alas.
  8. Would absolutely love this signing. Granted I have not watched a lot of him but the way Brazilian fans harp about his ability and talents excites me a lot.
  9. I think his streak of cuntiness is not necessarily the worst trait to have in a midfielder but yeah his performances have been on a steady decline partly due to injuries and maybe partly due to a loss of interest/motivation (?) at PSG. Rabiot is a very fine young midfielder, technically very sound and has got a calm head on his shoulders.
  10. He has way better control, poise and dribbling though then Cesc.
  11. Even though Rudi has had a very good start to his career and is good on the ball and Christensen is like a silent but deadly assassin, I still think Kurt is our best pure defender second only to Azpi. Emphasis being on pure defending only.
  12. Still shocked that he didn't bring on let alone start his best attacking player in Insigne! Deserves to be slapped by the entire Italian population for that shocker of a team selection.
  13. Come on David patch it up with Conte, We both need each other badly right now.
  14. Yeah bitter old Jose with his usual stuff
  15. I thought it was the other way around with Jose blanking him on the handshake by stuffing his hands back into his pockets?
  16. Eden always tears United a new one. Business as usual for Eden.
  17. His general passing has gone to shit. Literally has become a liability on the ball now.
  18. If you ask me, I don't think we'd be better off by having any other manager out there right now in the place of Conte and I firmly believe on this. During the summer I said it time and again that the board is letting us down big time and now that the season is in full flow, it's getting painfully obvious. It's criminal for me that we did not go out and buy a LWB in the summer, I mean how hard it is to understand that the three at the back formation is highly dependent on having dynamic wingbacks and it's one of the most if not the most demanding positions and having top quality wingbacks can m
  19. Mufassir08


    Willian, Cesc and Cahill are past it. They must be sold in the summer.
  20. Your last line sums it up for me. Even if all three of them have been awful, Baka and Cesc together have been nothing short of a train wreck this season. Not expecting any miracles against even if an out of form midfield but still a midfield with plenty of quality.
  21. Cesc and Baka against Radja Strootman and DDR, Hmmm this can get ugly.
  22. But they don't do it like this during for the Euro's or the Copa America? I know they are not as prestigious as the World Cup but still....
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