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  1. Add Drinkwater and Zappa to that list. Our transfer activity for the past three seasons has been pathetic.
  2. Wouldn't dare fate like that mate.
  3. It's absolutely painful to digest that we bought Baka and Danny for roughly 80m.
  4. To be fair to Cahilll, he has been very solid in his recent outings for us so I'm not that fussed. Our defense on a whole looks really solid.
  5. There really aren't many good strikers available who would be content with being second choice and won't cost a lot of money. Don't really see who we can bring in not only now but also in the summer tbh.
  6. Couldn't even manage a 10 minute cameo without fucking up a simple pass. I swear the likes of Rudiger, Christensen, Azpi and Luiz are streets ahead of him technically despite being CBs.
  7. If we carry on with 3-5-2 then Ross must start alongside Kante and Cesc to balance out the lack of attacking potency in our side.
  8. Not suited to a three man midfield at all. Does the defensive side of the game well enough but lacks any sort of drive, power, imagination or guile to make himself useful in forward positions. I think he fits in well in our 3-4-3 but looks rather poor and ordinary in a 3-5-2.
  9. Sounds solid enough mate. That's the only reason why I think anyone would want to spend 40m on him especially given his poor performances against City and Juventus in the CL last season.
  10. It's January now and his game only seems to be deteriorating further, no signs of improvement whatsoever. Never impressed me once during his Monaco days and is definitely not changing my opinion of him with his performances in our shirt.
  11. I swear this guy makes Cahill look like Zidane on the ball
  12. Sanchez is City bound mate. Our best bet is someone like Lemar who seems like the club's target. Fekir could also become an option.
  13. Can you blame us? I mean just look at that little vixen's smile!
  14. Damn is it me or has Marina gotten fitter from previous years? Looks like an absolute catch, beautiful and deadly
  15. God damn just sign both of you already,
  16. But Antoine is known for his predatory movement, link up play and finishing ability. He is not someone who will get on the ball and protect it from multiple players or someone who can go past 2-3 players in one go. Essentially he is a different kind of attacker to Eden and don't think he alone will be able to fill the Eden sized gap in our attack.
  17. Yeah Perez has not mentioned Hazard publicly I think but we all know Zidane has a hard on over Eden and Zidane even if he gets the sack will remain an influential figure at Real I think.
  18. Drogs was unsettled for a brief period of time after the departure of Jose and particularly when he was behind Anelka in the pecking order under the reign of big Phil and like you said Lamps was also tempted to join Jose at Inter while Terry obviously had that brief little period with City just before he renewed his contract at Chelsea. Who knows in 10 years time we may also look at this little episode as a negotiation tactic by Eden and his father to get a fatter paycheck? (fingers crossed)
  19. Hazard has poor finishing, his flicks and tricks barely come off, has poor movement and his lack of vision drives me crazy not to mention his hand in getting Jose the sack by turning the whole squad against the poor bloke and basically taking that year off. You wouldn't want that at Madrid, right Perez? Fortunately there is a Lewandowski lite by the name of Harry Kane over at north London you might want to take a look at. He is big, strong, technically brilliant, bullies defenders at will and scores hattricks for breakfast. There is your shiny new toy for next summer to satisfy your galactico
  20. If 'We are desperate to keep him' then we must show that by showing some god damn ambition in the market.
  21. Yup but lets not pretend that Lamps, JT and Drogs never had their little periods of flirtations with other clubs. Sure Eden has been linked with Real since the birth of Jesus but it does not mean Eden is not emotionally attached to this club or the fans and the fact that Real is literally the only club he would be willing to listen to speaks volumes about his commitment especially given the fact that he idolizes Zidane, a Real Madrid legend. If he does leave, it'll be such a pity because he genuinely is en route to become a bonafide legend of the club in the same breath as the likes of Drogba,
  22. Although no player is greater than the club and this move has been on the cards for years now, it would still be heartbreaking to see Eden leave in his prime especially to those arrogant bastards who would boo him at the first given opportunity. Those pricks think it is their god given right to have all the best players in their team and they can treat them however the way they want. Fucking Real!
  23. If Baka earns more than Azpi then that is just downright criminal.
  24. Love his old fashioned shirt tucked in style.
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