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  1. How does one compete with such blind ambition...?
  2. Oh I'd rather keep Conte than [insert any manager's name here]
  3. That's because Marina thinks she is a hard ass who will eventually always get her way. While there can be no doubts about her negotiation skills for players going out, she leaves way too much to be desired with regards to her negotiation tactics for players coming in.
  4. What's Nikola Zigic up to these days?
  5. I was actually very excited about the signing of Dzeko. For me in the short term we could not have gotten a better striker than Dzeko even in the summer. Giroud does not fill me with confidence though, I'd rather keep Bats honestly.
  6. Our general attitude and performance during the summer transfer window made it clear that defending the title was never on the board's agenda. That is probably what's driving Conte out of this club. He can't stand coming second but was given the task of defending himself with a pistol while Pep and Jose were armed with rocket launchers and grenades.
  7. Matic was sold late in July. We had ample time to scout a decent replacement for him but we were linked with Drinkwater from day one. It boils my blood because we could've signed a very good player for 36m yet ended up with someone who makes Mikel's passing look adventurous.
  8. Can't believe we spent 36m on Drinkwater. He is the very definition of mediocre.
  9. Ummm Bats is a striker...
  10. Very good half, hoping he keeps it up.
  11. Yeah he just needs regular playing time to show and hone his talent. I just don't see him making it over here right now which is a shame. We already have Barkley, Eden, Pedro and Willian for the forward positions and even if one or both of Willian and Pedro leave in the summer then they will be or at least I hope will be replaced by players like Fekir or Lemar not to mention the possibility of the return of RLC who could also play as inside forward in a pinch so I don't see any room for Charly which is a sad as we both know he has got the talent to make it over here. I'd like a 2 year loan for
  12. On the contrary, I don't think Conte rates him very much but that could be due to how lightweight Charly is. There have been plenty of times Conte could've trusted Charly and given him playing time but preferred not to and yes his injuries have been very annoying. I can't help but feel that if Charly had been at some other club, he would've already had his big breakout year and we would have been clamoring for his signature.
  13. I'd love to see a Christensen and Zouma CB pairing.
  14. More than a month mate. Looks like 2-3 months at the minimum.
  15. Oh I would consider this window's business even better than the summer one if we manage to get in Dzeko and Emerson. Emerson last season was excellent probably on par with Sandro as the best LB in Italy especially going forward. Emerson for his current price could become a bargain down the line if he can recover properly from his ACL which I have no doubt he will. Dzeko we all know what he is about, he would probably become our first choice CF as soon as he signs because he at least right now is better than Morata. Nonetheless, it would be great to have a strikeforce of Morata and Dzeko especi
  16. Please make this happen please please.
  17. Marina approving funds for Dybala? Never happening.
  18. At this moment, he should only play in the reserves league or whatever they have in place of it these days.
  19. Yet you are the one who posted a long ass comment in the Conte thread slagging him off and comparing him with Avram Grant.
  20. Nah man. Oscar became an average player in comparison to the potential we thought he had when he first stepped foot at the Bridge. He is miles better than Baka on the ball ,absolutely miles better. Even off the ball, I believe Oscar's pressing was far more useful than any sort of 'physicality' brought in by Baka. Oscar wasn't good enough for Chelsea yet he was still a good footballer, Baka is just shocking.
  21. Our transfer and scouting strategy must change drastically. The past three summers have set us back considerably. Literally the only transfer which dignifies our horrible transfer activity is of Kante. God knows how we managed to land him given our subpar transfer dealings.
  22. The problem is that the so called cheaper players we sign aren't really that cheap. To put things into perspective, Zappa cost us 23m while Barca signed Nelson Semedo for 26m! Ricardo Perreira also had a similar release clause in his contract. We signed Baka and Drinkwater for 40m and 35m respectively while the likes of Tolisso (42m), Seri (35m), Goretzka, Torreira, Ceballos (12m), Dahoud (10m) could have been had for much less than what we paid for Baka with only Tolisso costing more.
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