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  1. Why the hell do we have so many midweek premier league fixtures this time around?
  2. Me too! As much as I love Fekir, I really think Malcom would be better for us. Fekir sometimes reminds me of Eden in the sense that he's a very laid back character and sometimes can be accused of not taking the game by the scruff of the neck, However, Malcom is much more like Neymar as he'll repeatedly go for the jugular until his team is winning or he has got his goal. That's why I feel Malcom and Eden on the wings could be something special. Would not mind someone like Zaha to be signed as squad depth as his pace and skill off the bench could be a huge asset not to mention the fact that he
  3. So he is more of an all rounder rather than a playmaker?
  4. How has Merino been doing for Newcastle this season?
  5. Sms is not really someone who will dictate the tempo though and I feel that is our biggest need right now. How about Oliver Torres or Seri?
  6. Werner is very talented but he is more of a striker these days rather than a winger.
  7. We need to get Fekir and/or Malcom before someone else snaps them up. Both are tailor made for our style of play and would add the creativity, vision and quality we are sorely missing in our attacking department. Both are huge talents imo.
  8. Feels so good to have him back.
  9. They'll be without Manolas against us, pulled his groin against Napoli tonight.
  10. His injury has been very frustrating.
  11. Just scored his first international goal
  12. Didn't cover himself in glory for the Azerbaijan goal tonight.
  13. Out for 2 months minimum apparently. Grade 2 hamstring tear according to Matt Law. Edit: Turns out it was from a fake Matt Law account, Phew!
  14. Very encouraging news from a relatively reliable source.
  15. God I hate Neymar's attitude. A dazzling player but a crying attention seeking bitch at the same time.
  16. Willy Rudi-Christensen-Cahill Zappa-Scott-Baka-Kenedy Musonda-Hazard Michy
  17. Pedro and Willian have been shite, need to bring on Baka and Eden.
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