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  1. Ignoring the insane prices for a second, there is no doubt that Keita and VVD lift that team up massively. They already have arguably the best attack in the league and with the additions of Keita and VVD, their mid and defense also gets a significant boost. Still too many holes in that team to challenge city though.
  2. Absolute waste of space to play him as a box to box. Adds absolutely nothing going forward, I'd try him out as the holding mid with Kante ahead of him.
  3. Would not mind him one bit on a short term deal. Would add so much to this team.
  4. The same Costa who went AWOL during the second halves of both seasons? The same Mourinho who had Eden playing as a wingback at times and relied solely on Eden's attacking talent? Conte I can't argue with a lot but the other two were factors for sure and made vital contributions but Eden was the one who saw us through the finishing line.
  5. Man I'm trying so hard to be patient with him but he is making it so hard. Never impressed me in his Monaco days and his game is showing no signs of improvement at all, sigh.
  6. Totally agreed! I mean it's not like he was the one who carried us to two title leagues especially during the second halves of those seasons when the rest of the team had gone off the boil.
  7. Baka is really pointless in this formation. Need to bring Pedro on.
  8. We'll need to be at our clinical best against PSG, no way can we afford to be as wasteful as we were today against them.
  9. Juve, Bayern, Real and Napoli* will be as tough as PSG and Barca although the form PSG have shown no doubt they'll be the toughest. So that leaves us with Basel/CSKA, Sevilla/Spartak and Porto/Lipzig. Around 43% chance of getting an easy draw if we top and a 33% chance of an easy draw if we finish second so yeah not too bothered but let's see. Obviously it would be great if we could win and top the group but I really don't want to gamble on the fatigue of our key players in such a tight scenario. *Napoli have a good chance of qualifying as they face Feyenoord while Shakhtar are up against
  10. I'm prioritizing the league as we have got some winnable games coming up and we must take advantage of them. We have already qualified for the knockouts and the difference between first and second is either Barca /PSG or Juve/Bayern so I'm not really fussed tbh. Yeah I know there are a couple of easy teams as well which we might get if we top the group but with the fixture list so jam packed and our squad so thin, I'd take a gamble against Atleti.
  11. Honestly I'd rest Eden, Morata, Kante and maybe even Azpi for this one.
  12. His best performance going forward in ages. Good going Moses.
  13. Get a contract ready for Ethan Hazard Skips
  14. But he won't be a starter at Real either. He'll be behind Varane and Ramos over there so same situation as here really.
  15. De Gea was the joke of the season in his first year.
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