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  1. He obviously loves London, and booing and insulting him won't change it
  2. I wasn't worried about Lampard, I was sure he'll be fit. But it's definitely nice to the same with Ivan.
  3. I feel so sorry for him, poor Sam. I thought he would replace Terry at some point Best of luck in the future Sam!
  4. I'd add to my list Alan Alda, for his invincible role in MASH. Epic
  5. I have the same feeling with Kalas lol.
  6. Congrats to everyone who's content with himself! And good luck to those who are not - don't worry!
  7. Good luck! I remember myself this year, I was shitting bricks and eventually the results were surprisingly good.
  8. Don't get it wrong - I do not support wars at all, however once someone joins army, and he is not forced, he's got my full admiration. They know what to expect and at the same time they know that the reality will be ten-times worse.
  9. It's definitely about people's character. I know few people who simply want to join them a help. And I fully understand if someone disagrees with such a attitude.
  10. Of course it's their choice. But what does change? More to admire them.
  11. I'd say same goes with Lampard.
  12. It's not any secret I admire all the soldiers fighting for their countries, especially Marines. I've seen lots of videos about them however I've just found one that simply stands out.
  13. lol ban for 18 games, glad he retired. It is a circus that national team.
  14. He was really happy at Chelsea and that's good to know. He wanted to stay but it was really time to move on, for both sides. Best of luck in the future Bally!
  15. Let's hope this kit won't be like that previous one!
  16. That means nothing. The right answer is, they are Man City lol. Don't believe it as well though.
  17. Didn't expect this at all. However the curse will hopefully be finally broken. Here starts the new era of Chelsea number 7 lol.
  18. Just to add, was Drogba's second familiar to anyone of you? It did remind me of his goal against Bayern at the Bridge lol. Just by the way
  19. Neither have I but there's no reason not to trust him.
  20. With Ancelotti saying 'No more signings', everything is now really matted Get him!
  21. Blue is the colour at the Bridge, how I missed that.
  22. Kalou must be doing something secret, he must have something with Carlo, or I don't really now lol
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