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  1. As long as he scores two in a game, I don't care about his performances hahaha
  2. just fuck terminator x, leave him finally. I don't like comments like these. he would be, he must be...
  3. I really didn't expect this at all, another six goal win, inredible! I would be very happy for just three poins but why don't we do it in some style haha
  4. lol Drogba simply cannot play in midfield, so many wasted passes
  5. Chelsea fans singing all the players names, lovely
  6. Hopefulyl Essien is okay, think he was limping a bit.
  7. Kalou again in the empty net brilliant
  8. Lampard and his sliding tackles - lovely!
  9. Terry is little bit over excited, having already been booked. Calm down please.
  10. Great blocks from our backs, although with using hands now lol
  11. I thought it was tight but it was quite a clear offside lol
  12. The bets possible start of the half. Now just kill the game off.
  14. not exactly right now but expect him to replace Anelka at some point, no doubt about that I'd say.
  15. Fucking YES! Pity it was not Lampard's though, never mind!
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