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  1. Defensively as well, remember all the gifts in the second half? We were lucky not to concede. I absolutely hated these 3 CBs.
  2. Slap yourself Tuchel, do it please. You deserve it.
  3. TT needs a massive s lap in the face. We fucked up big time. His job to motivate the players. And they don't bloody care
  4. fuck sake how many passes between the 3 CBs???!! sick of it
  5. CHO is needed. James is awful going forwards
  6. Havertz at their gk, shame! Good pressing though
  7. Come on, let's get to the 3rd place!
  8. Well, they are still in it, have not pulled out yet lol
  9. The latest news must pump up the players as well. We have to be destroying BHA tonight. Battering them!
  10. As expected, we are getting a LOT of praise for doing the right thing. But even more praise goes to the fans protesting outside the Bridge. The real heroes, thank you all!
  11. So excited and pumped up for this match after the latest ESL news! Come on boys, give the people outside the Bridge a proper reason to celebrate!!
  12. Exactly. We made a mistake, not one doubt. But we will get praise for acting properly and doing the right thing, as opposed to the others.
  13. To me, it all sounded like cornering UEFA with a loaded gun. If more teams pull out, new negotiations with UEFA will start and maybe, just maybe, that is what everyone wanted.
  14. I am actually buzzing. Really buzzing after this piece of news. Fan-bloody-tastic!!
  15. I will love this club even more if we actually pull out. Sure, we joined but everyone makes a mistake. The character is shown through the action afterwards. Please Chelsea, DO IT.
  16. IF the withdrawal thing is true, then it will be HUGE! I am actually getting goosebumps just by the prospect of us saying fuck off ESL.
  17. Ridiculed for sure, but at the same we would be praised for doing the right thing for football. So bit of both. Certain of it.
  18. So far, except for the ESL hot news, a really good couple of days and week for us lol.
  19. No one can tell what is going to happen in the near future. And I still want Chels to finish this season in the top 4, I still care. Come on, let’s beat BHA, get ahead of WHU and create some gap on Liverpool.
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