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  1. The punishments and penalties are so unbalance it is beyond absurd. But I know why. Until a certain party is still involved in racing, the sport is dead.
  2. Abraham loves playing in this stadium, must be said. Third goal scored there.
  3. The post Hamilton era will be such a fun!
  4. Circus confirmed now, this restart was wtf.
  5. Dirty tactics, not one doubt. Is Wolff sending emails today?? This sport will be a better place without Mercedes and Hamilton. Can’t wait for the day to come.
  6. Doing his best to satisfy princess Lulu.
  7. Milan


    That makes him the only one with regrets. Well, maybe the whole Arsenal regret it too.
  8. 'Hopefully I can stay for a long time' That's 3rd choice goalkeeper sorted for the next 10 years then!
  9. I am going to win it. If you pronounce the name, you are saying ‘cunt’ in Czech.
  10. Once Kounde is a success here, at least the bubble of Vesper and her lists of players will burst at last
  11. Huh? So I am not allowed the praise Pulisic's 2 year old goal against Burnley?!
  12. What a goal from Pulisic, I mean, WOW
  13. 'Chelsea must hate Bayern' Naah, they prepared a nice party for us at their place in May 2012.
  14. Sooo how long before some lazy journalists try connecting their own dots and link Dembele with Chelsea just because of his history with Tuchel?
  15. I expected Perez to do it in the end considering the amount of boxes he underwent. But RB are too good for such dirty tactics. Unlike someone else. If you can’t beat them, take them out. And celebrate the victory without one single regret. Total joke.
  16. Total joke today.
  17. Princess Hamilton can clearly do no wrong.
  18. I heard that Abramovich had asked the Peterborough owner to stream the match to him. So he was the only one watching the game
  19. Milan

    Olivier Giroud

    Won more European trophies with us than Arsenal in their entire history. Oli is the prime example of a true professional. Fully deserves all the trophies and medals he has.
  20. If Haaland stays, the race will be open to many clubs next summer - €75m release clause. This is now or never for Chelsea. If we are to sign him, it will have to be this summer. Next summer there will be huge, huge competition. This is up to board. But seeing our youth being sold here and there makes you wonder.
  21. Raiola just an advisor
  22. What does this mean? A team that won a pk shootout in the playoff had never gone on to win the tournament? Because I can think of Germany in 96.
  23. Don’t be sad Chilly and Reecey and Mason, you won the more important final a few weeks ago!
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