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  1. So after many many many years of not playing Real, we might play them in the successive seasons. Typical lol
  2. Leeds is more important anyway.
  3. Seriously, how shit Lukaku is? Beyond awful!
  4. I loved how Timo rushed back to cover for CHO.
  5. It is just too cold which makes him run more to get warmer lol
  6. Not even Timo could have missed that
  7. Completely forgot Roman is there to watch!
  8. Oh how I wish I saw Lukaku in that Inter starting eleven against Real…
  9. Well, technically, we are just 7 games away from winning the competition
  10. Can’t wait for Hamilton to finally fuck off and leave the sport.
  11. Awful day, now Verstappen hits the wall ffs
  12. Difficult to prepare for a football dynosaurus to slide in to destroy your ankle, though.
  13. Not being the league leaders and the constant media pressure might, might actually help. Who knows.
  14. From world beaters to a bunch of pussies. In the space of a few weeks.
  15. well, at least no extra pressure on us as league leaders
  16. Let's get this straight. We have paid 97m to destroy the identity and destroy our season.
  17. LMAO Lukaku that was an attacking header?? get stuffed
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