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  1. Wasn't Bosingwa's last game against Villa away from home? It would be dangerous to play him! lol
  2. The ava looks really lovely. And so does your sig. Nice stuff, nice job. As you said, it's quite simple and that's what makes it lovely.
  3. That's the smallest thing I can do for you, after what you did for me haha. Will do it mate.
  4. Dear me! I completely forgot about it! And my line-up contains Lampard (captain!), Van Persie, Gomes, Defoe...all those players who are long-term injured lmao. I don't want to see my results, I must be last from every possible aspect
  5. In addition, I think it was him who some time ago suggested that colour. He used to wear it while he was playing for Sparta and couldn't complain about it.
  6. As I said. It was the same in the qualification rounds, and tbh it's pretty poor. But no wonder with their stadium size. Therefore good luck with getting that ticket guys!
  7. Oh I'm reading it there. I just had a chat with a Sparta fan who visited that stadium a he spoke about just 500 tickets. Then you should be fine.
  8. Just a small piece of information for Chelsea fans who intend to travel to Slovakia - in the Champions League Qualification rounds Žilina provided just 500 tickets for away fans.
  9. I highly doubt. I really don't think they will sell out lol. Idiots. I've seen lots of fans, who wanted to go, now refusing to pay so much. In our and their republic some people earn this sum of money per a whole month!
  10. that's still 'okay' Žilina sell tickets to Chelsea game for 400€ !! Seriously, wtf?!
  11. Žilina v Chelsea Do you want to know a ticket price to home sectors? No you don't, trust me
  12. Just sell him, full stop. There are lots of strikers ahead of him, no way he is going to succeed at Chelsea.
  14. Do you think Lampard would have taken it if he was there? I do. He would have smashed it to the middle lol.
  15. One of those days Frankie. It happens.
  16. Fuller was a class against Spurs last week. Hopefully that's all.
  17. It will be pretty scary if the scoreline remains the same. Come on Chelsea, go for another goal. It's awfully difficult though, I know.
  18. JT's really brilliant today. Just keep it up.
  19. That was nearly a sitter for someone like Drogs. Let's go for another Chelsea!
  20. It was not Lampard's half but that's a rare thing for him and it sometimes DEFINITELY happens.
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