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  1. Something tells me we won't win this. I always find it hard to believe any team can beat the same team 3 times in one season. I really hope i'm wrong !
  2. He's a totally different type of player to Hazard no point in comparing him to Hazard. He has a wonderful left foot on him though and he can spot a forward run which Pedro will love !
  3. He is a player who can unlock doors ! He's got that vision that can open opportunities for our forward players. I don't know if his athletism matches Conte's team though.
  4. Was that definitely the UK embassy in Columbia ?
  5. I don't want us to play counter attack because giving away so much possession will hurt us in the game. They have good players in the final third and so do we so we should actually play our game and not be scared of them !
  6. Willian is trash ? What's going on here I haven't posted on this forum for years and we seem to have some real knuckle heads in here now....
  7. I would start Willian today we could do with his pace and unselfish play in the final third.
  8. Michy looks a really good player and he's got a very good eye for goal which we need. I hope we play 2 forwards from now on and get more bodies in the penalty area !
  9. Michy is really gonna give Costa a run for his money this season. He's a pure number 9 and he is determined to get goals which is good to see !
  10. He's going to grow into a wonderful centre forward for this club.
  11. I really like Batsman I think he's a super player and I would prefer for us to play 2 upfront.
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