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  1. Well maybe only Mourinho sees something in him lol.
  2. then okay lol nice to see 4-3-3 again, without any change compared to last season
  3. omfg well done Carlo, let one of our best players on the bench and play Ferreira.
  4. We definitely need some convincing performance, even though it is against Baggies.
  5. FFS! Please be wrong lol. I hoped to see him, possibly in the starting XI.
  6. Don't worry, it will be revealed at any moment. Just minutes...
  7. Adam Sandler. I love all his comedies and when I watch them, I can't stop laughing
  8. It's nice to see the Ramires topic in 'Transfer Talk' finally locked.
  9. It was lasting but thank God it's done finally. Welcome to Chelsea, best of luck at the Bridge! Can't wait to see him on the pitch.
  10. Ancelotti for the official websites: 'I can say Neymar is a fantastic player but he is not a Chelsea player now and it is difficult for me to speak about this. I can say just about his technical quality. 'We are interested in all the young players that come through in the world, Neymar is one of these but this doesn't mean we have to buy this player.'
  11. Okay, I am in. Hence no worries about the last place
  12. US Marines by G.F.Frederick I really admire Marines, therefore I read lots of books about them and and watch lots of documents.
  13. That's exactly what I expected after Cole's move to Anfield. Nothing but praise. Poor scousers.
  14. Definitely Chelsea legend, no doubt about it. He did an awesome job for Chelsea Football Club and deserves a massive thank you. Goodbye Riccy and best of luck in the future!
  15. I say yes to this transfer. Okay, he is not Stoke no.1 but there is Sorensen who is a fantastic gk.
  16. 'It's only [Jose] Bosingwa who needs more time, maybe two or three weeks.' Ancelotti during the post-match interview.
  17. Ancelotti: '[Petr] Cech will be fit for West Brom, and so will Alex, they will come back to training next week.'
  18. The right time for some winning streak. Let those losses behind us and fully concentrate on something that really matters.
  19. Chelsea had about 17 shots, scored 1. Man United about 7 shots, scored 3. Spot the difference. Very poor finishing.
  20. Ash was totally disturbed, didn't catch Rooney's and Valencia's cross moves.
  21. I'm fed up with Kalou more than ever before. Should've scored from that position, yes it was some angle but still omg. And why the hell wasn't booked Scholes, that's beyond me.
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