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  1. hopefully not a big problem with Ash
  2. Ivan is once again top class, lovely
  3. another start for Josh, great! Ess so so close.
  4. really good possession by our players
  5. brilliant atmosphere right now, awesome
  6. Carlo is a true smart fellow with his coat.
  7. 50 goals for Chelsea, well done Nico, well done.
  8. You kidding me??? That was fucking class Yuri!
  9. Terry's tackles are simply lovely. That must have hurt though.
  10. Brilliant counter-attack, pity it ended like that.
  11. In addition I think his wife is not interested in going overseas, I have read something like that. And with the problems they had, I'm sure he wouldn't go against her lol. As I said, a dream transfer for me.
  12. Skysports news! Ferguson - Rooney wants out
  13. He will stay, unfortunately. However if he came, as I said, I would be more than happy, as it would my dream transfer. If there was even a slight chance of signing him, I hope Roman would at least try to to fight for him. He is definitely worth it.
  14. Carlo will manage his 100th game in the Champions League.
  15. I think British tabloid is now really happy, as they have something to write about for the next weeks lol. Unless Man United release some official statement. By the way Daily Mail
  16. Haha, Crash Bandicoot is actually the first game I played at PS1! Loved the music lmao
  17. I definitely see your point but we are talking about Rooney right now. I'd go for him even if he was Italian. But the fact he is English is just a big plus (homegrown etc). That was my point.
  18. Fans always fant to see in their English club some Englishmen - if you are not an Arsenal fan, that is, or used to be different. I also believe that English player means fighter if you see what I mean. Surely there's no way he would come though.
  19. Agreed! Plus he's English and still, still quite young, which sounds incredible. He won't stop running and fighting during the whole game. I'd definitely go for him. Even though he's Shrek, he's the only Man United player I adore. Now I'm waiting for your stick
  20. Sorry CJ, Bos is not included in the squad that travelled. It would be risky to play him on such a pitch.
  21. Ramires is injured (a knock on his ankle) and returns to Cobham for treatment. I'm not surprised any more...
  22. Yossi Benayoun has released the following statement (chelseafc.com)
  23. It showed again how much we miss Lampard, and I am not talking about his box to box game. Essien, playing in Frank's position, is definitely a quality shooter, however just like at Man City he had some opportunities to shoot and did so but never really threatened their goalkeeper. If you give Lampard such positions....
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