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  1. Lampard's passes, except of one, are awful today.
  2. That was a stunning piece of football, exactly what we needed. Let's go for another! Now almost Ash! Time for Lampard!
  3. What a bus in front of their goal.
  4. NO! Frankie that's another. Come on guys!
  5. Nice save Pete. And nice play by them!
  6. Oops pity Ashley! Brilliant play though.
  7. Here we go, Delap and his throw in lol. Come on Chelsea!
  8. Definitely! Remember his first game in the Champions League, Bayern Munich v Sparta and he kept clean sheet. It was predicted he would end up at a big club and voila
  9. You're right. There is just 1010 seats for away fans and I can imagine it will be decreased for some safety reasons. They are just so naive!
  10. LMAO, have to do it, here's another blinder from the Czech and Slovak websites. According to them, it would be much easier for them to buy tickets to Chelsea section, as lots of English fans won't travel lol so there would be lots of space.
  11. Can't stop laughing Czech and Slovak Chelsea fans are trying to get to Zilina game, which is understandable. However their demand is to have a seat directly next to and behind Chelsea bench lmao.
  12. Fucking idiots from Sparta! It could them who would be in the Chelsea group! Poor idiots omg. Anyway, a good group. Just a pity we have to travel to Moscow but if I'm right, after every away game, Chelsea play the next league game at the Bridge.
  13. Happy brithday Layla, enjoy yourself today!
  14. I was there last year, well I tried to be there lol, as there were lots, lots of people. I thought if I'd be there two hours before it starts, I should be okay. How naive lol!
  15. What are the lyrics? I didn't catch it at all.
  16. It's a competitive game, it should be there. Really nice stats. And do you all feel the difference between Scolari's 5-0 and Ancelotti's wins? Of course Scolari's not included there but still lol
  17. Even now, this second kit is by miles better than the previous one, in every possible aspect probably lol.
  18. Jim, I'll just update your post 29 goals in the last 5 premier league games
  19. he comes from the Ivory Coast Kalou, Kalou he don't do coke like Adrian Mutu, Mutu he crossed the ball from the left, it landed right on Riise's head that's why we love Salomon Kalou oops a bit late
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