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  1. I don't log in everyday I only noticed your reply this evening the rest of it well I know English isn't your first language because I can't make out most of what you're saying and it's shoot yourself in the foot not the leg. You can get 30 watt light bulbs in England we're not quite the swinging metropolis that Slovenia is. As for Havertz I've no idea mate I'm only interested in Chelsea I don't watch foreign football so can't give you an opinion on what's he like although I hear Slovenian football is really popular round the world and ND Triglav are a force to be reckoned with do you support t
  2. Well I have that in my locker there's no beginning to your talents. You're dimmer than a 30 watt light bulb.
  3. Marina has just left London she's going to Siberia to sell ice to eskimos.
  4. No thanks V ! Think I might have not quite understood what you meant that's the last time I post a photo ha ha. It took so much space up on the page it was a small photo but there was a big gap either side that's what I meant bloody hell I'll have to be careful what I write
  5. There is a difference between worst buy and worst player Drinkwater was a terrible buy but he hardly played he scored the blinder against Stoke I can't recall anything apart from that. Kepa was the worst buy and worst player 70 million quid for someone who refused to be substituted scored an own goal via his face and has about as much presence as the invisible man. Kepa wins I was going to say hands down but that didn't seem appropriate as that's his normal position as the ball sails past him or he fails to hold anything that's got even a miniscule amount of power behind it.
  6. Sorry about the size of the picture.
  7. Great band The Buzzcocks Howard Devoto who was in the band for Orgasm Addict left to form Magazine who's album Real Life is a classic and gave us the superb Shot By Both Sides. Also it was only a minor hit but Harmony in My Head with Steve Diggle on vocals is really good.
  8. BBC2 at nine tonight inevitable it would happen the scouse love in. 35 years since Hysel I remember one documentary it's like it's been airbrushed from history.
  9. First clubs to be involved in a match with fans after C19 Chelsea making history not reliving it.
  10. I thought I'd take the piss choosing Danny Drinkwater as my favourite player presumably you did the same choosing Juan Cuadrado
  11. As someone who watches very little European football I haven't seen the kid play so my question is he as good as Robben?. 12 million quid for a 19 year old seems a bargain now I don't particularly like comparing players from different eras but fuck on his day Robben was unplayable. His contribution in 2004-5 is overlooked I was at his debut against Blackburn and I don't think I've seen a better 20 minute cameo by any Chelsea player.
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