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    • Take a look esp the part about FBI numbers vs the talking point of the right wing media:   The polarization in the US has reached a point where different groups have a different set of facts.  
    • they would not have needed any news to see it in many cases:   family and medical leave (the US is the only advanced nation on the planet without it) childcare:  no family has to pay more than 7% of their income on childcare extended the boost to the child tax credit, effectively turning the credit into a child allowance dramatically lower health insurance costs bring broadband to everybody (around 25 to 30 per cent of the US is still on dial up or non broadband con
    • Yes they would have. If that side got the information, but Fox News will show their bubble and the cbs news and cnns will provide their usual false equivalence. what are trump policies exactly? 😃 does he have any?
    • these are just some of things cut buy the conservadems they ABSOLUTELY would have had a huge impact on even the most uninterested voters   $200 billion in spending on childcare, ensuring that no family has to pay more than 7% of their income on childcare $200 billion to make pre-kindergarten universally available for free $200 billion towards government-subsidized paid family and medical leave $300 billion towards making community college free for all Americans
    • While I agree with what you wrote, I don't think that plays a huge part in the election. The far left are the easy targets for the right. The average voter in the US is a centrist who either leans right or left, but it's usually a mix. I think you are overstating policies and the average voter is far less concerned about that.
    • hard RW, MAGA adjacent US Senator Pete Ricketts from Nebraska speaking in praise about the US Supreme Court overturning the ban on bump stocks (basically they turn semi autos into machine guns in terms of fire rate) this cunt would have been one of our owners
    • not the far left they blocked nothing of his agenda it was the centrists and the conservadems who crushed Bidens 6.1 trillion usd infrastructure bills (there were 2, one physical, one human services centred) in new spend they slashed it from 6.1 trillion down to less than 1 trillion usd, spread out over 10 years they blocked a shedload of vital programmes and policies that would have massively helped Biden get elected plus the conservadems disasterously blocked (in the S
    • 😆 Reminder he's a comedian above all else; his style is to provoke and mock. I don't agree with everything he says, but I like the humor and the fact that his show is often politically incorrect.
    • 700 games for club and country 153 goals, 158 assists scored in the World Cup, the Euros, and the Cofederations Cup   won: Valencia Copa del Rey: 2007–08   Chelsea FA Cup: 2011–12 UEFA Champions League: 2011–12 UEFA Europa League: 2012–13 Manchester United FA Cup: 2015–16 EFL Cup: 2016–17 FA Community Shield: 2016 UEFA Europa League: 2016–17   Galatasaray Süper Lig: 2022–23   Vissel Kobe J1 Leagu
    • Yeah VA is blue now mostly because of Northern VA, which is an area I"m very familiar with. I think Biden is very strong in PA, but his condition until election will pretty much determine how viable he actually is. It's not like trump is sounding super smarty lately eh. I will 100% blame democrats (esp the far left) and Biden if they lose this... I am not yet seeing Capitol attack ads yet, and I presume they will be a constant reminder until Election Day, for ex. It's always a toss up b
    • Haha 😂 😂, your one moment you have spent all that money on for and you walk out to protest something more than half of them don't even know what it's about, money may buy an education, but it's true what they say, "you can't teach pork" 
    • the most polled states are the swing states, so that is directly tied to the Electoral College I have been very accurate with the EC over the years, I only picked two states wrong in 2016 (I had MN going Red and FL staying Blue) and 2020 (I had GA staying Red and NC flipping to Blue) Only 8 states MAX are in play in 2024 (plus Nebraka 2nd district) and actually only 6 that likely can flip either way GA (trending Red) AZ (trending Red) NH (likely stays Blue) WI
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