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    • BREAKING: Trump Rally Shooter Identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks https://www.mediaite.com/trump/breaking-trump-rally-shooter-identified/ Graphic photos of dead shooter at Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania https://channel3now.com/2024/07/13/graphic-photo-of-dead-trump-rally-shooter-butler-one-victim-killed-2-injured/
    • If Project 2025 is implemeted to a great degree, it will end the US as you currently know it to a level your jaw will drop. It is the open and wanton destruction of the administrative state, a radical re-shaping of vast swathes of the government in a christofascist manner, and a general bringing down the curtains on open pluralistic tollerant democracy. It also will wreak tremendous havoc on the socio-economic superstructures of the US, including the national debt (a further explosion),  an
    • 2-2 now Suarez scored right before end of extra time
    • 2-1 Canada over Uruguay - 15 minutes to go Jonathan David with the goal 
    • I mean he did fuck up the courts but all of the democracy ending talk is just vote farming, which is proved by everybody thanking god he's safe right after it happened.   If it was a true threat a lot more folks would have kept quiet.
    • Just like the first time he was elected. If he wins - nothing will happen. The world will keep on keeping on. 
    • Weren't Liverpool interested in him at one point & Thiago/Matip have both left the club. I wouldn't say anything is a foregone conclusion until the window shuts.
    • Is there no link to the Canada vs Uruguay game. I’m up at the cottage and can’t get it on television 
    • Whats bollocks is they have told a country of people full of guns for MONTHS that this motherfucker and project 2025 will END this country, and when someone took it serious and tried to stop Hitler, they have all got on social media, and the TV, and feigned shocked and talked about how grateful they are the threat to this country is safe. You can only scare people for so long.  
    • Absolute bollocks. Project 2025 is a massive threat to the US and the world. I have posted on this extensively here for some time, long before and elected Democrats of hight profile were talking about it. If Trump wins, Americans and the rest of us will find out the hard way.
    • CG will get minutes anyway considering his fitness is probably the best in the first team squad.   
    • Also the democrat responses saying this is wrong just proves that the narrative being pushed to us about Project 2025 was just fear-mongering used to farm votes. If they believed Trump was the final threat to the great American experiment, the responses wouldnt be condemning someone who, if they were to be believed, was stopping Hitler.   This was a poor angle to go about getting votes, and he can turn the knife on us now with it because after months of being told by one side that the
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