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    • Joining a four-tier Europe would protect Britain from the coming storm It's not just the survival of the union that is at stake, but the survival of democracy https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/joining-a-four-tier-europe-would-protect-britain-from-the-coming-storm/ A Franco-German report last week proposed a “four-tier Europe” as the solution to the diverging priorities of EU states. There would be an inner circle, modelled on Schengen and the eurozone, consisting of
    • This role is severely lacking in the roster right now. 😕  I know folks won't agree, but given the lack of options I'd have retained RLC for another season, if possible.
    • Maddison was only 9 months over the arbitrary cut off age of 25 and under Date of birth/Age: Nov 23, 1996 (26) Lucas Paquetá was DAYS too 'old'!!! Date of birth/Age: Aug 27, 1997 (26) ffs
    • I see an opportunity here. 😅 On a more serious note, Japan is starting to produce pretty interesting players.
    • staggering fall 😓
    • The  J1 League is not an area of strength for my scouting
    • ah nm I misread your previous post. Fully agreed.
    • Isn’t an LW exactly that, an attacker? I want talking about Mitoma in particular but the concept of which he might be an example 
    • Sorry who did you mean? Mitoma? I thought he was a LW, and a hard-working at that, which is exactly what we need IMO. Don't disagree on the quality attacker bit tho.
    • Great writeup! 👍 I think I'd only replace #3 with "imbalanced roster" and I think Pochettino uses Colwill to protect Mudryk, not Thiago Silva. Agreed on Thiago Silva though...  39 is not an acceptable at this level I'm afraid. He could be playing back in Brazil, but not in the PL. Not discussing Mudryk's quality or potential, it's mostly about characteristics: a Mount on LW and we could employ an attacking LB np. That never goes into account when someone assesses players like Mount and We
    • Tbf id much rather spend 100m on a quality attacker who could actually transform our offense than on a Dm. Our midfield is bang average with or without one season wonder Caicmehdo. 
    • I just don't believe the over 25 year old thing at all, the only conceivable way is because the owners know that we have a ban coming, otherwise I see it as pot stirring.
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