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Reserves & Youth Teams

Do you keep up to date with the youth and reserve teams? Talk about future Chelsea talent here.

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    • Second strings usually. About Palmer he was a substitute and Pep quite probably made a mistake.
    • Senior Chelsea figures still think it is a jigsaw when they hold the chess pieces in their hands.
    • 🤣
    • Majority of the Barca fans wanted him gone for months now, at best he is average.
    • What was Xavi like before he fell out with the Barca president? I haven’t paid any attention whatsoever to La Liga but I know Barca is broke as a joke so that couldn’t have helped him compete against Madrid. Wonder if he’s the mystery candidate.
    • Bruno looks like solid manager, given that shortlist.
    • To McKenna's credit, the shit he did is something Jay Cartwright would lie about. 
    • Maresca has worked with Pep for just one year before managing to lose 11 championship  games with a PL squad. But now he at least has massive experience of 53 games as manager. Seriously, I would consider Lamps tenure at bankrupt Derby in his first season as manager getting them into the playoffs with a washed up squad and a few kids more impressive than what Maresca has done with a 200m squad in a league with a median player market value of 2m. Still, we appointed Lamps after that bc of hi
    • If that shortlist is accurate depressing times indeed.  A group that collectively has done nothing at the top level
    • McKenna  
    • All the names on this new “shortlist” are depressing. The Ipswich manager, the Leicester manager, and the Brentford manager. For Chelsea Football Clue! Fuck me. De Zerbi is right fucking there, man. A guy who can get us playing the exact sort of dominant, brilliant to watch attacking football we’ve been desperate for for years. And it appears he out of the running despite being free.
    • Even Frank turned us down lol thank christ. 
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