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David Villa

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ROMAN ABRAMOVICH is ready to demonstrate his commitment to Chelsea by bankrolling a British transfer-record bid for Spain striker David Villa.

Fresh from the outstanding attacking display that unhinged Liverpool in the Champions League quarter-final on Wednesday, Chelsea could boast even more firepower next season by moving for Valencia forward Villa in the summer.

Chelsea owner Abramovich’s enthusiasm for football has been rekindled and he is prepared to sanction a lavish offer for Villa, 27, who is one of Europe’s most sought-after talents.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are interested in him, but could struggle to match the £45 million price tag that debt-ridden Valencia will seek for their prized asset. Manchester City also held talks with Villa’s representatives in January and money is no object to billionaire owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

But Chelsea and Abramovich hope that if a move to the Premier League appeals, it will be to Stamford Bridge not Eastlands.

Speaking in February, Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck said: “Generally speaking what we would like to do is use internally generated cash to buy new players and by that I mean sell players and buy new players.

“But where an appropriate player comes along that is outside of that cash flow, then money would be available from the owner to buy that player. It all depends on the player and the circumstances.”

The brilliant Villa could be that player.

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Villa is a world class player, no doubt. If we buy him, why dont we compare him with one of those striker, Drog and Anleka. And see whats the result. But tbh I would like to see Villa at S.Bridge.

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not sure about the 45 price tag???..... :o

i think we should buy a less pricy and a younger player that can evolve into a world class player instead of buying villa.....

or just let franco di santo play more and start more games with Chelsea... ;)

and i don't think pavluchenko is THAT good.... <_<

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What Crap.!!!

Villa will be 28 next season, and 45 million for him? :o

Id pay that amount and buy Benzema instead atleast he is very young and will have time to settle down.

Even Torres cost 26 million. 45 million is Bullshit.

Id pay 22 million for Villa. Take it or Leave it..

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I dont get it,

Anelka Drogba Villa ?

Anelka = Top Scorer

Drogba = Main Striker

Villa = World Class

Who do we play?

Anelka will probably leave. Drogba is in Red Hot Form. Almost Unplayable. Couldnt say the same thing about Anelka when he scored those 15 goals. Sad to see him go, cus he hasnt done bad. But we need the best and not just good players.

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I really cant see the logic in buying another world class striker when we already have 2 and only one plays anyway. Would make way more sense to spend that kind of money on a wide player like Ribery, Robben, Messi that type of player because that is what we dont have and will give us more options. You cant really play Anelka Drogba and Villa because none of them are wide players?

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knowing Anelka as the sulk.. we'd be better off selling him and Drogba at 32 wouldn't be getting any better next season.. we need a striker, a young one.. and even though i'm a fan of Villa, Aguero seems like a better option than villa tbh..

Thinking about it their is no way we will ever get aguero imo. He will cost a hell lot of money and athletico will not sell.

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Chelsea will have to pay more than €50m (£44m) to sign David Villa from Valencia after having an offer for that amount rejected a fortnight ago. Valencia are understood to have sounded out Manchester City over any potential interest instead, but the Spanish club was informed that there was little current enthusiasm for the striker.

Chelsea's interest in the striker is being driven by their owner, Roman Abramovich, who is also still attempting to secure Carlo Ancelotti as a full-time replacement for interim manager Guus Hiddink. "The owner likes Ancelotti because it means he would have more influence on the buying and selling of players," a source close to the club said. "Think about Milan - Ancelotti has little say there so he used to working this way."

However Frank Rijkaard, the former Barcelona head coach, also remains an option. Hiddink's compatriot is now ready to return to work, having had a year's sabbatical. "Would he consider the job?" Perry Overeem, Rijkaard's agent said. "Of course, he would consider any serious job. But neither he nor I have been contacted."

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