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  1. I have never been a conspiracy theorists. I beleive 9/11 was Alqaida, Moon landing did happen and Osama is dead. But you shoud see this.
  2. NewsFlash: Two Officials claim the suspect was unarmed in the boat and there was no gun inside the boat. 1. If there wasnt a Gun on the Boat, then he could not have possibly shot himself. How the hell did the guy lose his voice? 2. If The Owner of the boat saw him curled up inside the boat, how did the suspect not see the Owner of the boat? dont think he was sleeping there. 3. City was shut down with not a civilian soul on the street except for Cops. How did this suspect walk around the neighborhood without being noticed? 4. His Brother was tackled to the floor by the cops, why would bunch
  3. Ok I hated Rafa. I fucking hated that guy. But for me my team, and the club and their performances on the pitch is important. The fans who are calling for Rafa's head arent helping the team much when they start the boos. Get the FUCK BEHIND YOUR TEAM and your COACH!!...
  4. Oldmonk66 on Twitter (I am new)...Follow me and I will follow you. https://twitter.com/OldMonk66
  5. That would be ridiculous. To think that Mata is 24, Oscar is 21 and Hazard is 21 and one of them is playing his second season while the other two are in their first season and already mezmerizing the defenses, you can only imagine what will happen in future. Add Falcao to that and we would be unstoppable.
  6. Just Wow. The front four are totally in sync. The Hazard Pass to Mata was class. He didnt even look up to see where Mata was. He just knew that Mata would make that run. Similarly, Mata had his back to the oppositions goal but knew torres's run and splits open the defense with a pass to Torres. Its a shame he couldnt bury it. If only Torres was on form, we would be Demolishing teams left right and center. Right now, we are not there yet but well on our way. Man Utd have been leaking goals and I would be surprised if we dont score. Oscar, Hazard, Mata are so mesmerizing, it is impossible to tra
  7. Lampard wouldnt be too impressed if he is benched for this one. He would definately wanna play this one.
  8. Something tells me that Ivanovic is gonna get destroyed on the right wing by Bale if Ramirez doesnt play on wings. Cautious Approach in first half with Hazard Mata Ramirez behind Torres and then sub lamps and put Ramirez in double pivot and play Oscar Hazard Mata behind torres
  9. He wont get too many chances against big teams. I dont get why he doesnt shoot when he is clear on goal. He often takes another touch and this has been going on since last season. He may score a goal but he should have had a hattrick yesterday
  10. FA chiefs may look to increase John Terry’s punishment for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand. Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4568576/John-Terry-ban-FA-may-increase-punishment.html#ixzz28CLwRP8E I swear if they take that option, then they just stoop down to a whole new level. How more desperate do they wanna be
  11. Our entire style of play for past 8 years revolved around Drogba. We tried to replace Drogba with Torres and it was unsuccessful. Torres is all about through balls and making runs behind the defenders. Drogba is all about playing with his back to the goal. Man Utd built a team that revolved around Ronaldo.
  12. Guardiola is a lucky manager...The amount of luck they get with Referee decisions is ridiculous. Fergie is a Lucky manager....We all know about Fergie times and the amount of Refereeing decisions they have been getting in their favor over the years is not even a joke.
  13. Great Article on Teflon Terry!! http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/the-calvin-report-terrys-white-boots-belie-a-grubby-week-8190960.html Say what you like about John Terry – and we will – he's a trouper. This was a fist-pumping, badge-kissing, legend-enhancing reaffirmation of character. The man has the durability of a cockroach, the nerve of a test pilot and the chutzpah of a street politician .
  14. Liverpool and Birmingham have never been title contenders in last few seasons. Not right to compare them to us.
  15. Are you the one that used to make Videos on youtube? I used to love them. havent seen any recently. On Topic, Oscar bossed Pirlo and did well in breaking down Arsenal's midfield. He had a job to do and he did well. We are spoiled for choices. One day its Oscar pulling the strings, someday its Mata and some day its Hazard.
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