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  1. Excellent - Perfect chance to rattle up a cricket score
  2. We really need to start getting a head of steam up and get a winning streak on the go. to do that we have to play our strongest XI which doesn't include Torres sadly. As improved as he is, it's clear to see that Demba Ba offers so much more than him up front. Add to that Lampard, he's bang in form and should be nowhere near the bench. If either of these two are on the bench tonight we'd be as well as forgeting about this season completely.
  3. This has got smash and grab written all over it. Waken up ffs
  4. Well that was utter bullshit. 45 minutes of my life I wont get back again. Ivanovic must have borrowed my boots, his shooting has been honking.
  5. Decided to take it off, as you can see I look ten years younger
  6. Me - Prior to getting absolutely shitfaced last weekend
  7. After watching the 1st half v Barcelona I had to get back to work. Driving up to Belfast Internatonal Airport was torture as it was all Barcelona. I got to the coach park and had the radio up full pelt standing at the door smoking my brains out. Next thing......Torres is clean through, rounds Valdes and slots it home. I ran out into the car park with folk walking all around me coming home from holiday, etc......Arms aloft circling the car park screaming my head off "FUCKING TORRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSS" I think I even hugged a taxi driver at one stage
  8. If I'm honest I'm sick to the back teeth of all this. He's been found not guilty by a court of law, the agenda to have him punished by certain individuals has bordered on obsessive. It was farcical, the club and JT want to put this to bed and get on with playing football. Even if he had appealed the decision it's almost certain the corrupt FA wouldn't back down and possibly extend the ban. We're moving on, we've a title to win......Team Terry - deal with it !!!
  9. That would be my 13 year old nieces room.......give me some credit ffs
  10. I have to admit, I'm absolutely blown away by this young lad. I'd heard all the hype, but now I've seen him actually play a couple of games the hype doesn't do him justice. We've scored 6 goals and he's already got 5 assists, that's just mind boggling
  11. Saw the same line up elsewhere......as strong as we could possibly put out imo.
  12. You southern Scotland lads humour me greatly
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