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Keeper crisis?

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Who do you want Cech's successor to be? I have always liked Blackman but Courtois has really impressed me. I'd like to see Blackman in goals for us and see how he does in the first team. I am happy to see Courtois stay on loan for another couple seasons though, hopefully in the Premiership. It's a tough one.

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Courtois. He has really been impressive at Atletico Madrid. Will reserve judgment on Blackman till he gets a chance of playing consistently in the first team. Until then, it is definitely Courtois.

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There's no point in starting a thread when the Answer is so overwhelming and obvious. Courtois without a doubt, he is going to be very good. I'm pretty sure everyone will say Courtois.

Blackman is a good keeper though. If he had the chance to get first team football like Courtois does, I'm sure he'd be great.

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Obviously Courtois, whilest i've seen Blackman he's good but he won't be cut out for us in the future. Courtois is at Atletico Madrid having a great season, i fully expect him to be our next number one.

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I would like to bring this up: Since Cech will be our #1 next season, will Courtois be complacent with being at Atletico? I hear Real Badrid are on his tail and they will likely propose an enticing offer.

So, should we bench Cech and promote Courtois, or sell him to the white scum? There is an outside chance that he will stay with us as a #2, but not a good one.

Yeah but it's not as if Real Madrid can guarantee him a starting position either... I think he'll be happy to stay at Atletico for another season and then discuss things with Chelsea more seriously next summer

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They will certainly offer more money as a #2 for RM than if he was a Chelsea #2. That is what I meant when I said "enticing"

Hmm maybe. But I hope he will be smart enough to realize that it will take much less time to become our new goalkeeper than to wait for Casillas to retire at RM since Iker's only 30 and still going strong. Cech has 2-3 years max, I think, before the injuries will take their toll.

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That is all an expected income. I would rather let him play for Atletico for another year with a bonus, than play for RM. There is NO WAY you can let Courtois go without it helping you. He will be an improved De Gea! =)

Yeah I agree - if he issues some kind of ultimatum to the club, I'm sure we'll give him that bonus. Then the only question that remains is if he'll be swayed by the "glory" of being a RM player, as most players are.

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