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  1. Just imagining the tears that will fall and the fear that will flow through our enemies when the Beard arrives at the Bridge.
  2. First I'm hearing about this Romeu move. Is it on loan or permanent?
  3. It looks incredible. This is the only game that can take down The Last of Us. Can't wait to play it!
  4. Nah, Schwarzer is better. Plus we have the best Goalkeeping duo in the league now. That fact may not change for quite some time with Courtois ready to come in. Tottenham a very close second though.
  5. We'll be playing Citeh at a good time. We should be in our stride by then and likewise they should too. It's a home game for us though. Big chance to stuff them.
  6. You can fool yourselves all you want into thinking it's a great win for Britain. The rest of the un-deluded world sees it as a win for Scotland. I don't know why you're bringing Chelsea into this as it's unrelated. When Chelsea win do I say it's a great win for Australia? That Chelsea is any way linked to Australia in order to steal some limelight? No, so it's not comparable. It remains Pathetic from England. Show some class, you're making yourself look desperate.
  7. Some truth? It's nothing BUT the Truth. You don't see America doing this with Canada or Australia doing this with New Zealand.
  8. You live in NZ, so close enough lol We'll keep the jokes to ourselves.
  9. Anyone else so completely over this Transfer window? I just want to see us play some Football....Cannot wait for the first 2 games.
  10. Don't worry we make PLENTY of jokes about you Kiwis
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