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  1. And he completely bundled Cahill over during the celebrations at the final whistle :lol: Gary was on his knees celebrating on his own and then Azpi just attacks him out of nowhere with a huge hug and Gary falls over backwards, lol.
  2. Yeah, I mean now that it's renewed, I'm obviously looking forward to it since it's a lot of fun! But idk, I've just generally had a negative experience with shows that lasted wayyy too long (BSG, Dexter, House, Weeds, Downton Abbey, Homeland and so on) just because the network/show runners wanted to continue milking the show. Thankfully HoC is just 12/13 episodes long, though. The storylines are pretty packed and they don't really get aimlessly dragged out. I trust them to come up with some decent material for season 3.But you could tell that some stuff was just weird in season 2... Some of th
  3. Yeah season 2 is better and more insane Some of the storylines are way too far-fetched though. I mean, it doesn't have to be realistic but some of the stuff they show is just to make him seem ridiculously "evil" and for no other purpose. Pretty unbelievable imo. But still it's a load of fun, all the characters (with the exception of Zoey) are good and it's well-acted! I definitely think it was a mistake for them to renew it for a third season. Should've ended with the second tbh
  4. Up until the last few years, if you were overseas you'd get about 3-5 live games a week. It's only a recent thing that more matches are being shown live (we get all 10 Prem matches live here in singapore now). This obviously assumes that you pay for the ridiculously expensive sports television packages that are specifically catered to providing the Premier League to viewers. So for people who were just starting out to follow football, it would be difficult to get "hooked" to a club like Charlton, who'd be lucky to have one live match broadcasted a month. Also, the broadcast media in these coun
  5. That would be ideal for me too. I don't think anyone is saying "CECH OUT", just that it's quite unlikely that Courtois would be willing to go on loan for the third season running. And so the ultimate decision probably has to be made this summer.. Petr is the more established goalkeeper but if it's between Big Pete and a guy who could potentially give us over 10 top class years, I choose the latter. It's a risk, but one worth taking for me
  6. He's become a thug over the last few years. Always despise it when he has one of these outbursts. It's embarrassing and disgraceful. It's one thing to be strong with the officials, the way JT and co. are. It's another to behave in this manner.
  7. Don't understand why he moved there without getting guarantees that he would be played where he wants and given the free role where he shines. I get that it's a goddamn World Cup year but ffs wouldn't it have been better for him to wait out the season and see if he could move somewhere where his talents would actually be utilized properly?! I don't think he had any chance in being a regular starter for Spain at the WC anyway. Why risk your club career? He's made a huge mistake in leaving and going to Utd. I hope he makes it elsewhere, but he's clearly paying for a decision he made in desperati
  8. In terms of going forward and creating chances we've become too reliant on Eden. Oscar plays extremely deep, unlike the way Mata used to, and Willian still hasn't found top gear yet in terms of creating clear cut chances. When playing Azpi at LB, we've got even less going forward as though Bran gets into attacking positions, his final delivery is not effective to put it mildly. Not complaining about any of the attacking midfielders, I'm delighted with the players we've got. But this kind of performance isn't surprising to me. Eden wasn't gonna keep up that breathtaking form forever. Tirednes
  9. He's delivering a master class not only in tactics but also in media handling. He's been spot on in pretty much every single instance this season. He protected the strikers when they weren't scoring and went through that torrid dry spell, saying stuff like he's happy they're working hard for the team, etc. Even if he's unhappy behind the scenes, saying things like that has immeasurable benefits. He constantly mentions how fantastic JT has been, praising guys like Azpi and Luiz, who are not nailed on starters, and others too. He's always talking up our players, giving them all the confidence
  10. Get in west brom! Brilliant set of results thus far in the weekend. At least it allows us some breathing room from the teams below us.
  11. Shit, so this is what we've been missing these last few years. He was boss in midfield. So mobile, athletic and a good forward passer to top it off. Can't wait to see him get comfortable with our team. Very, very promising.
  12. Time to visit RAWK again for a laugh before the match starts
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