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  1. I dont think we really need this man right now. But to be honest if we're gonna change our formation into 4-3-3, i really loved to having him in our squad
  2. i missed the game, how's salah doin, is he good?
  3. Niceee, if only we have a decent striker
  4. lol easy dudeeeee. dont get me wrong on this, i know mourinho know best for this team. Obviously he's the one who trains the team and im sure he's already tryin much thing. its just, i still dont get some of this idea, like mata being benched. If he wants a winger with good tracking back skill, just put oscar there. i find it so ironic, we had so many young talent with this much amount of creativity but until now we played so slowly. And we need mata. I hope someday jose gonna try to move oscar to that pivot position, im so sure he's gonna be so good there.
  5. Honesty it's so simple, but why mourinho choosing a harder way to make this team stronger than last season....
  6. We need a real striker, the man who can score goals when the opposite team parked their bus. As simple as that. Too bad we didnt get one on summer
  7. im happy for them. I know how their fans feels about this, just like us with mourinho
  8. There's some photos of him arriving at St Pancras station that i've got from twitter.
  9. it looks like when we had an overhyped transfer saga, then from now on we already know we wont get that player.
  10. Yeaaah!! I mean i know its still pre season, but he havent impressed me since the day 1 he's here.
  11. No more essien & mikel combination for the pivot, its just way too slow. I guess for this moment, the best choice for our pivot is ramires and MvG. Just like a yin-yang, fills each other perfectly
  12. Indeed.. Let's just hoping that jose really knows the best things for our midfield area.
  13. With MvG keep showing us his best, it's getting more obvious that we wont get de rossi
  14. The fuck is wrong with these inter dudes. Its just a pre-season ffs
  15. just finished seeing his goal & assist highlights, really impressed with the goal from free kick!
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