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  1. ha ha ha fucking get in there, fuck off Spurs you wankers
  2. Wow Arsenal have spent over 150M on absolute shite....This Tomayasu or whatever his name is absolute shite.
  3. Saul is a great signing for the amount of games we have to play.
  4. Monchi just said if the buy out is met he goes, if not he stays.
  5. Wish people would stop mentioning RLC, he's fucking shite
  6. Made runs today and in that first half was not passed. Very easy to focus on what he didn't do but lets look at what didn't happen from the basics around him, the players service was shite.
  7. Flapping like pigeons, relax.
  8. You don't go from being on the verge of signing a player, and I mean all agreed to the manger basically confirming it, to then this a loan...it's shite.
  9. Zouma is going to WHU, nothing has changed what so ever.
  10. The boy from Monaco we are pushing for, we have pulled the plug on Saul not the other way around. Cech wants AC
  11. Kounde has left Sevilla on a private jet, he's close.
  12. But we aren't going to continue with this were it has no relevance what so ever to the topic or forum are we?
  13. Mendy from City charged with 4 counts of rape.
  14. Don't worry, I have got an eye on Japs Si
  15. Ornstein just confirmed we have reached total agreement with WHU for Zouma. 30ME 5 year deal medical on now in Paris.
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