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  1. Will never understand why he takes off a defender with so much time left in the game.
  2. Sheva.


    30m, never forget.
  3. Sheva.


    Damn imagine going from Pirlo, Vidal, Pogba to this. After getting to CL final too.
  4. Can't get over how similar he plays to Hazard.
  5. I've been saying on this forum for 2 seasons now how bad Hazard-Oscar-Willian trio was. You can easily see the difference when you add players like Schurrle and Pedro. Our attack saved us from yet another shambolic defensive performance. Surely the last season of Ivanovic and Terry.
  6. Sheva.


    Oscar will send him to the bench easily. Till January at least.
  7. Finally some more movement in attack, hope Pedro can play well.
  8. Good signing imo, offers what Schurrle did but better than the German in possession. Really interested in how Mourinho handles Willian/Oscar situation though.
  9. Sheva.


    I've never seen a more toothless attacking player than this guy tbh.
  10. We can't create chances, we can't score. Story of 2nd half of last season, and we have the same team - so it's hard for anything to change. Moses does look promising though, and will at least create some half-chances.
  11. This game is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but it was the same problems from last season with the same dumb XI (plus or minus Costa). Few chances created, opposition GK rarely threatened, too narrow defensively and offensively..
  12. I have 0 problem with fee. The only problem will be if Mou lets him rot on the bench for 7 + games like he did with Luis.
  13. I noticed too, but it was Remy, Willian and Cuadrado on the ball in those situations. So no surprise they didn't try to find him.
  14. There's no replacement though. Only other fullback is Aina?
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