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  1. Not the time to experiment in terms of formation and Mount in the pivot. Maybe the ESL distractions hurt us a bit but that's no excuse to lose to Brighton at home... We've shown we can only be effective using the 3-4-2-1 so not the best time in a race for top 4 to change and have players out of position. Felt Chilwell, Cho, and Kante should have been the subs to allow us to go back into what we're comfortable with but Kai and Ziyech were so poor that I understand why they were taken off. Just poor team selection, you can't take any opponent lightly and I felt TT thought this w
  2. Feel like Neville has been spot on with his analysis about the potential shit league.
  3. Foden scares me....he's becoming world class at 20.
  4. Werner absolutely has no confidence atm. Feel bad for the lad but he's looking pretty useless out there.
  5. Feel for him but he should take some mental time off. He's obviously in his own head to be missing so many easy chances this season. Seems like he's got good positioning and obviously great speed but the finishing has never been clinical enough. Still young so I hope he snaps out of it but in the mean time he needs to sit
  6. Kante MOTM for me. Rudiger and then Mendy.
  7. Emerson to start next game. We need goals. LOL
  8. Rudiger learning how to out cunt Suarez
  9. when he's active and playing with confidence it's really fun to watch. Just a crafty player.
  10. Lol Rudiger going for the Maicon there
  11. Huge counter there. Big play by Werner then served on a platter. Ziyech still needs to improve immensely though but we'll take it.
  12. Ziyech is just lost. Absolutely playing with no confidence when on the ball.
  13. Would like to see this. Werner Havertz/Puli - Cho Alonso - Kova - Kante - James Rudiger - AC - Azpi Mendy I believe Atletico knows they'll have to press more after being dominated possession wise last game. It's just a one goal advantage but with our current defensive form they might feel time is of essence and go for it earlier than expected. Kante needs to have a solid game distributing and holding possession. He's been quite sloppy and poor on the ball. Think this lineup is solid defensively and has the ability to counter with speed a
  14. Did you think Burnley would beat Everton? Or Arsenal would beat Tottenham? Spurs have been in pretty good form with Bale playing well. You always want to win and we should have definitely beat leeds but the fact that some of the closest teams behind us lost too always helps.
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