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  1. Makes sense! Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
  2. I might be heavily biased, I for some reason thought Frank could/would be our SAF! And some part of just doesn't want him seen gone for couple of reasons: 1. Players have always dictated manager's fate when it should be the other way around. 2. We have turned into a very impatient lot! 3. Sacking Lampard would mean that we would go back to old ways of band aid fix: sack managers, panic buy/sell players, win one trophy or two, fans complaining about youngsters not getting a chance, us not playing good football, rinse and repeat. But that is just me being too optimistic about
  3. Lampard needs to get out of the imposter manager phase and start acting like a real manager. Make strong calls, demand more from players. Effing try and find his mojo! I feel his humility at times could lose his image of being a leader manager maybe? My oh my how did Southampton pull that victory! They were knocking and getting knocked by liverpool till the end. Maybe our lot should learn a thing or 2 about defending from looking at all the other teams defend.
  4. Not defending the clueless and hopeless situation Lamps is in but I feel that our club is way too predictable. All players need to do is just not turn up on the pitch and the manager is off ( this would need to change at some point) and as long as this mentality exists no manager would be able to stay for long. I feel Lampard is in the same situation in where other managers were in the past. Play certainly players because they were paid way too much money for. Can someone explain to me why Tomori isn't playing? I remember him having few good performances last season
  5. Somebody to this to all our players Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
  6. No live stream but seems to be a blessing! Last season we had fighting spirit this season all seems to be gone! And there goes my hope of a long term manager. The problem with our buying strategy still continues to haunt us! Mendy as quick fix instead of fixing Kepa, Silva at his age(what were we thinking?) we need a better coach to teach them how to defend. By the way why isn't Tomori playing? I remember him having few good performances last season? WTF happened Lampard got derailed, I thought there was a project but sudden influx of high paid players and everything changed!
  7. All our rivals teams have produced a perfect result to start of their year! I am preparing to be disappointed and see more melt down and more knee jerk reactions about sacking Lampard, selling Kai, Werner turning flop ...etc.
  8. If Lampard is predictable about one thing it is he will not play this!
  9. I know the Arsenal game have left us in a bitter spot but everyone and even if we win 1-0 we will be happy to see a win result. Personally I just want to see improvement from Lampard one game we think we see some improvement in defense next 5 games there is a lot to be desired! Steady improvements would be very welcomed starting with this match?
  10. Weren't Aston Villa the ones that thrashed Liverpool for 7 goals or something? Hopefully we get a result in this one
  11. Decomposing Lampard and Chelsea string of poor results IMO( I am not technically nous person so take it with a pinch of salt) 1. Lampard still young manager - needs time ( I know you shouldn't be learning on the expense of such a huge club with such a fan base but how else can he gain the world class experience?) 2. Too many great players signed in short time and Lampard not getting enough time with them. Timo, Pulisic, Havertz, Ziyech all competing for spots where we had youngsters from last season who did a very good job there. The problem Lampard is facing is clear that he doesn't
  12. I was joking to a Liverpool friend arsenal have been so crap and they will suddenly look like world class team playing against us and this horror show happens [emoji20] Sent from my SM-G981U1 using Tapatalk
  13. I didn't watch the game because no stream Screwed my Saturday damnn....
  14. Why couldn't Mount himself take the penalty or Tammy(probably bad idea he already gets so much hate poor kid!)
  15. Awesome Jorginho misses penalty wow surely not our day!
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