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  1. 1st- in minutes played, very good player but just like William (who I liked) for me. I midfielder always playing an attaching position.
  2. Would like the see this at some point Kia CP Mount Odoi Kov Jor James Rug Chris Capt Give Werner a needed brake
  3. Should have started today, still reminds me of Willian in a way. So one footed! Hard to become a top player on the RW only going right!
  4. Not a holding mid. Doesn't want the ball under pressure in the deep position. It also takes away his greatest assets, range & stamina.
  5. like the players added but should have pulled Abraham & Kante.
  6. If you think Kante doesn’t get catch up field or out wide, you have selective memory. This is the whole problem with all the midfielders, they all are to easily pulled out of positions. To me this is more a coaching/tactical problem. It’s happening too many times to be just a player problem. Both holders will get catch marking players out wide on throw-ins leaving the center-back expose constantly. I don’t understand!
  7. His best quality is carrying the ball from deep, but no manager will play him there because he's a liability on D.
  8. bohops


    His skillset has always been better as a midfielder, but always played a more attacking roll.
  9. Didn't watch the game (at the lake). I can say this though, I like Jori but he can't play in a 2 man midfield too much ground to cover leaving big gaps. And our wing backs don't offer enough of a threat going forward to balance it out. Which doesn't help the back 3! This is on SF, Managers are suppose to put plays in position to succeed. Hope he improves on this next year.
  10. Barkley is a passage, a goal and/or assist on occasions doesn't change that
  11. Plus his defensive work rate is 2nd only to Kante. Always tracking back unlike Ruben & Ross.
  12. Solid for Norwich, but I don't like Ruben with Jori. As long as Ruben is on Aspy side and Mount probably needs a rest.
  13. Agree, Jori needs protection (Kova, Mount or Kante) Ross and Ruben are one way players. They're also are not good enough going one way for Chelsea. Frank is responsible for starting any 2 of these together in the midfield (Ross, Ruben & Jori), Kova, Mount & Jori had the best chemistry this year so far
  14. I like this, should be getting chances ahead of Barkley and giving Jorginho a rest if performing well.
  15. Different market, that can't be denied though!
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