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  1. https://twitter.com/danroan/status/1529343069300080640
  2. So it was Eden who ate all the pies? Age old mystery solved
  3. ... in the nude in an oxygen tent as he believes it gives him sexual powers
  4. Gotta loves the balls on this guy ... he has fooled almost the entire Australian media with his BS Nelly Yoa = CFC Legend
  5. The youngest one is "supposed" to be the best one
  6. Whatever one my think about his talent and this signing Can't fault Sideshow Bob with his love for CFC, rather have him than some mercenary who is eyeing his next move or playing half-assed as not to get injured
  7. Those pics look straight out of the Albert Speer School of Design circa 1942
  8. Considering this match is fixtured a few days before Euro 2016 Qual/Friendly internationals ... bugger all chance of any international player making the trip as they would be in their national team training camps
  9. So Pogba went shopping at Harrods so that makes him a Chelsea player now according to the press I went to Sainsbury's in Fulham tonight. Please Mou sign me up!
  10. only wants to be at a club where he can be #1 keeper so can keep his place for the Socceroos WC 14
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