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  1. It's true Juve did not play in the CL for 4 years but all of the players got international experience. i think this will not make much difference. They are my favourite team in Italy and by far the best, they only lack some proper wingers and a worldclass striker (we do too btw). Chiellini would walk in any team in the world and Pirlo makes theirs one of the best mids in the world (yes better than bayern whose midfield is not that good actuaalyy as schweini is not himself, kroos is average and martinez is overrated), def better than ours even though Marchisio is not better than lamps and vida
  2. Could only see the game now but IMO we should have got 2 penalties due to challenges which easily could have caused a goal. We created enough chances and hazard should have converted at least one of those. Torres was also poor again. Disappointed to see Ramires and Bertrand as our pair of wingers as both of them simply are no wingers esp considering our vast offer of players in this position. Defensively we were ok apart from David luiz playing park onside and that mikel back pass, but in midfield our ball retention and link-up play need some work on it as do our counter attacks. Hope we can g
  3. Your right. Lamps may play too many game this season, but he has been MOTM in both England games, so I 'd given him a rest against QPR. Considering he is on of our main scoring assets, I also think we should rather use him more offensively, the problem is we have few players who could replace him in the double pivot (no idea why we always cause oureselves these troubles). Clearly he would be more effective in a CAM or even makeshift striker/false no.9 role than in DM. His main strength is his scoring and that has not so much to do with consistency or speed, Strikers simply have to convert with
  4. The bad thing is, some of those Qpr player cuntfaces will probably give do what they cuntface fans expect and will give Torres, hazard a hard time. Would like a dominant, fair referee, the problem is, there is none. All refs are more or less crap and increasingly overchallenged with the speed of the modern game. Haven't seen one proper, solid ref performance this season. Anyway, Qp r a far better side than last year, but are yet to click due to their signings. They might not be integrated already and maybe won't understand the importance of that derby, nonetheless expect a good game of Park
  5. So this is one reason we might switch to 4-3-3. Mata can get his pause as he is not effective in a 4-3-3 for some time.
  6. ratings got awfully wrong once again. Cech only 84, Lamps only 83 he is definately better than torres, cahill and luiz both just 79 is far too low. We are talking of the CL winners when Barca was CL-winner all their players got 5 up minimum now one should do the same with us ffs. Disappointed we are not in the demo. grafics look no better to me than before, game play is a bit more smooth but that's it, cant make that much of the new features yet
  7. There are strikers who run down the challenge, position at the offisde line or in the box, waiting for through ball, rebounds, crosses etc. On the other hand there are strikers who run around the pitch creating goas for themselves. Whilst the first type rather rely on good service and concentrate on finishing clinically more often inside the box than outside, the second type is not soo reliant on good service due to him being technically more an allrounder. The first type is best at running towards goal with the ball when he has space and can at best finish with either foot and head, the secon
  8. 1. Lamps is a slow starter, anyway he has scored 5 goals and got 2 MOTM awards, so u tell me he is no good? 2. no idea what age has to do with quality. age is just anumber 3. @klopfzeichen: Whats bad about being able to take penalties? There are few reliable pen takers in world football. Why would a player who can not do anything more be regular starter for the European Champions and the 3rd best international team in the world?
  9. Lamps making it really difficult for England to replace him. 2 Motm awards, 3 goals in 5 days. Best England player atm.
  10. there is a sort of people you should rather not have on the field in crucial moments... liverpool players
  11. gerrard such an idiot, he has been booked already, makes so many mistakes and thinks he has to fuelessly tackle all the time
  12. ref is blind as a mole, how many wrong penalty or corner calls one wants to make. refs are the downfall of the game
  13. welbeck wtf. you can pass that in, what a miss, if u cant score that yourself let it for lamps u fuckin manure cunt
  14. never seen a player defend that bad in a match as gerrard today. A guy with a winning percentage of 16% in 2012 is englands captain
  15. ryan comes on too. just a shame, defoe is so small, imagine his attributes and 7 inches taller
  16. IMO balls that go outside the field in the air should be regarded as in play as long as they don't touch anything, play would be less ofte interupted.
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