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  1. hopefully city. all the others can hardly find worse owners lol. Fat chance of that happening tho. I guess it is ManUre.
  2. Straight red cards for dissent will result in a two-match ban, while dangerous tackles or violent conduct will result in a three-match ban which can be raised to four or more games in extreme cases. Did not see the game. Was it a dangerous tackle?
  3. Ah well. I thought it was 3 games banned.
  4. Villa really bottled this. Anyway, Stones was a straight red so he should miss the match vs us, right?
  5. Juve are the natural choice they are like bayern tapping up all the locals but we should actually be all over this. he is an upgrade over JOrginho with way superior technique and pace.
  6. was terrible again. should have scored early on, would have been a completely different game. dire finishing from him as usual.
  7. JPM will keep their money, i think they only pledged it to the clubs once they played one season. apparently Atletico and Inter have pulled out now too. This is interesting. If there was a fine, why would they pull out now since they already know SL is not gonna happen? They could have just stayed in adn then bel ike "oh too bad" and nothing would happen to them. But apparently the little bit of fan rage they would face is harder on them than a potential fee. So maybe there is none in the end?
  8. Agnelli even admitted now what we all know. SL is dead. The aftermarth will be brutal tho. Perez surely will want to refinance Real's debt with breach of contract fines from the english clubs.
  9. just after i praised him for his city performance he returns to being his usal self. so fed up with this. the team really needed a leader yesterday and all we got was jorginho.
  10. Special mention for his bravery to face a raging thousand of ppl on his own and enforce safe passage for the team bus.
  11. I have no doubts we will win vs Westham. It is basically a big game and the spammers have to play for the win this time.
  12. question will be what the price is the clubs have to pay for 2 days of madness. Probably millions of fines to get out of the contract.
  13. [email protected] graham potter and all the FA guys always banging on about "the Pyramid" as if it is sacred. Illuminati confirmed
  14. points out that the distraction by SL fucked up our rhythm. Thanks Bruce ...
  15. We need a world class player in every part of the field. Games like these happen. But really world class players can turn this around with one moment of brilliance. How man my of these days were turned around by a late Lampard screamer or a towering frog a header deep into stoppage time? They did not even cover the distance bc they n we we can’t shoot. We did not even create a fkin corner. This was absolutely pathetic
  16. They were so much fresher than us for whatever reason. Our whole offense sucked balls and could not deal with their intensity. Our midfield was non existent. Kovacic injury really bites us he could have made a huge difference today. This was like our worst games under lamps. No control, no urgency, just passing it backwards and struggling to make meaningful touches. Also wasted the few chances we got
  17. Not gonna win this One of the worst performances since well west brom
  18. Ben white and his constant open sole tackling
  19. Can Ziyech suck any more. Everything he touches turns to shit but at least he tries
  20. Oh dear... at least Havertz is off. burn vs Cho will be interesting
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