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  1. 4 poor performances on the trot. We are lucky to only have lost once. Still if the rot continues we throw the season away altogether. We just can’t live without Kante, kovacic and Chilwell. Lwb is a mess whoever plays. Same goes for midfield. Can’t really see us winning even one more game without all three
  2. Wouldn’t mind that. We were head and shoulders above them and they are hardly any better now. Don’t care too much tbh Just hope we are in better form once we play them
  3. At least 2 goals looked offside today
  4. This is not happening. at least we can concentrate on the fa cup come next year lol
  5. Alonso has been even worse than Saul since coming on
  6. Our most technical attackers on now. Should give us a little control. But sarr vs dzyuba will be the worst
  7. Almost gave me a heart attack with that
  8. Nothing good has ever become of bringing on Alonso
  9. How did we give control away again cant believe this saul and sarr is match made in hell down the left, making everyone nervous we can thank Kepa for being still in the game
  10. Lukaku looks to damn ponderous in defence. Like treading water
  11. He has to pull sarr, absolute liability
  12. Barkley was decent, still gets pulled. Cho understandable midifield changed completely again
  13. Dann sarr is terrible, much worse than vs Brentford
  14. Werner made the right run tho and laid it on a plate
  15. They are not very good either if only we had a little quality we would thrash them this heavy rotation backfired massively
  16. Lukaku and Werner are useless in tight spaces should bring on Ziyech and Pulisic
  17. Sarr is the problem Rj and Barkley are a terrible midfield too though
  18. Mount again with the wrong pass wrrner was through
  19. They are parking the bus and wasting time now great job inviting them in front
  20. With our toothless offense of we fail to defend properly we are an absolutely ordinary side
  21. we are throwing our season away within a week
  22. Our defence is terrible that looked offside again
  23. There were like 3 offside situations prior to the cross
  24. Dang that looks like an absolutely terrible lineup. Expect Saul to be just as out of place at LWB as at CM, Werner and Lukaku being unable to string to passes together and missing a few open goals. Will be a torrid watch for sure. Let's get this over with.
  25. Economically yes. Like many German clubs, they are conservatively operated as a profitable business. They should not complain that they are never gonna win a big title again with that strategy tho.
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