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  1. Dembele apparently is pissed bc we are offering only marginally more than Barca and only a modest (wild guess about 5m)signing fee Lol he is such a diva. can really live without another toxic character in the dressing room but might still happen
  2. I would not mind Raphinha for Ziyech swap but I think we have excessive expectations on him. He has never been a prolific scorer in his career even in portugal he was pretty goal shy. Assessing him as a LWB options seems more interesting even though i have never really seen him put in a shift defensively. But if we are really looking for LWB competition for chilwell other than Emerson it gives me a bit of hope that not all is lost. We do not know if Chilly comes back the same player he was before his injury and even then we will need a quality backup for the gruelling fixture list. Our season
  3. No thanks In the system we play we need our AMs to be fast and athletic. Eriksen is an anachronistic old school no 10 like from the 90ies. No room for him here
  4. Obviously, distributional justice is hard to understand for an American lol... nah jk. the reason is simpler... It is the PLs business modell splitting the money more evenly, giving the smaller clubs power to make the competition more interesting and thus create the better product overall. As a consequence the PL attracts more viewers from everywhere and the money overall increases for everyone. In spain and germany the leagues only get a fraction of the TV money overall but most of it gets into the pockets of the big clubs, so they can still somewhat compete with the English sides.
  5. exactly, is that not the point? Ziyech's problem is that he is frail, weak and slow. He has great technique and those mean whipped in balls are a real danger, he just can't get them in often enough bc he is so easy to bully off the ball and can't beat players. Ideally we would get rid of Timo, Hakim and get all three Sterling, Raphinha and Dembele. All three are completely different in style but are very fast, great on the ball and have output which is more than can be expected of our current crop.
  6. Neymar is over a year older than Lukaku and has tons of milage in his legs hard pass for me Now a has-been and soon only option for him will be being recycled in granda league
  7. Kicking the can down the road we give him away for peanuts and he returns with his market value slashed in half We should not be looking at saving a few quid on this massive failure. We should wreck his career and have him sit with the reserves for 4 years to make an example of what happens when you talk shit in public
  8. Swing broja and signing that petulant toffee would be such a chels move Next we sell chalobah to fund koulibaly
  9. I feel the same. We bought a soon to be 28 y.o. declining proven failure in the PL for 100m+ A 50m winger who has produced numbers in EPL for years at a shitty liverpool, at an average City side and now at a great City side no matter the manager or system is by no means risky in comparison. I thnk ppl have short memories. When we played that terrible pool side in 2014 we had the best defense in the league by far and he ran rings around us, was basically a one man attack of all the rumoured winger signings like dembele, raphinha, gnabry he is by a huge margin the safest bet.
  10. kounde or not we still passed up on a million of defenders when we need at least 2 anyway. So the point stands. Also if it were TT's preference, why is the deal not sealed already? either way comes down to board incompetence
  11. Honestly, I stopped caring. Kehrer as budget options, Brmer, Skriniar at reasonable price or break the bank for de ligt or Gvardiol. Add to that all the decent CB options that switched clubs in the last few windows like Konate (would have fit us like a glove), Varane, Süle, Schlotterbeck while we already knew AC and Rüdiger would leave us. There are tons of competent CBs out there. The problem is our board, their terrible contract management and their unhealthy obsession with retards like Kounde.
  12. I think it is a bit unfair to Skriniar. Sure, there has to be a Serie A discount. players there are slower and weaker than in PL on average, so Lukaku and Tammy look lightning there while Alonso looked reasonably quick. Skriniar definitely does not have Rüdigers absurd speed (Ironically, Skriniar is as the quicker one at Fifa which is absolute BS) But I have seen Skriniar outpace Tammy, Osimhen, Moise Kean and Morata in a sprint duells off the ball and at least hold up vs Vinicius, diaz, mane, salah and even Theo on the ball. So I would say he is capable in that regard. Definitely faster than
  13. Surely, the ppl in charge were insanely incompetent but nonetheless when Madrid came through the door with those crazy wages the ship had sailed. If Rüdiger really would have wanted to stay the final offer was still good enough. But he wanted that extra 100 pw which is legitimate albeit disappointing. He chose money over becoming a legend. Given how early Madrid went in for him and how long Rüdiger kept his options open, I doubt he would have signed any earlier extension anyway. as soon as TT took over Rüdiger's stock rose so rapidly, his brother and agent Sahr Senesi saw the opportunity to mo
  14. If we loan for Lukaku to inter for just 17m, the overall financial loss will be gargantuan. At least when measured mark-to-market. Lukaku's market value will be cut in half in the next few months just bc of his age. Even if he sets serie A on fire, no on will ever buy him. Loan deal is beyond stupid if it does not include obligation to buy but makes sense given how braindead our board is.
  15. Kounde always has been an absolute non-starter. Would be an absolute brainfart masterclass from the board like so many before Overrated player, rash, inconsistent, has regressed over the past season (added getting red cards to his game), easily riled up, tiny ADD-kid. Now we learn he is also injured and has to do surgery. Minor or not, any surgery bears risks. Also overpriced AF. The way this saga drags on is already a bad sign. Remember Bakayoko? The sheer number of absolute qualtiy CBs that have switched clubs while the board sat there on AC, Toni contracts running down d
  16. Apparently we are thrashing Italys new team rn first 3 goals were huge mistake any Bastoni btw 2 Werner goals absolute gifts
  17. Yeah they are most probably gonna sell Skriniar either to us, PSG or someone else. Maybe de vrij or bastoni as well. Nah I think we are stuck with lukaku unless we are ready to give him almost for free. Inter have all the negotiation power here. He is a toxic asset and they know it. No one else wants him, he only wants inter. at this point i would not give in. Just send him to the reserves if no satisfactory deal can be arranged. Rather shit the full 180m away than maybe just 150 but send a signal of weakness by giving in to a headstrong egomaniac in the process. Still can't bel
  18. Inter apparently close to snatch Bremer from under our fingers. Also favourites to sign milenkovic Not willing to pay 20m loan fee for Lukaku either. Becoming a real pain to deal with
  19. As I said before, Boehly and his team will need some time to find their feet. We should brace ourselves for a frustrating transfer window and a write-off season. Even if we make a few decent signings, with Kante falling of a cliff fitness-wise, an age and WC-induced decline by Thiago and the loss of Rüdiger who we will not be able to adequately replace anyway, we will be a lot less competitive than last season. Hopefully we can use this to integrate some academy graduates and build solid economic foundations for the future. Genuinely recommend everyone to avoid frustration, not check tran
  20. Agree about the first part but Klopp has been in charge sicne 2015, they finished outside the top 4 on numerous occasions under him. How is 20/21 their worst season under klopp? Also no one said this would be their downfall. they will still be up there but they have no unlimited funds, they rely on their transfers to work every time to stay close to city. At some point it will not work
  21. yeah not sold on Nunez as alluded above. Even if Diaz continues to shine, Darwin continues his development and Jota looking competent, that will never be the same level as their attack with Salah and Mane. While they clearly have a better scouting department than we do and thus will continue to make decent purchases but they will not strike gold again like they did with salah and mane anytime soon.
  22. Donkey surely one of our worst signings Even if he had performed, to his inter level, which still would have been just around 20 non-pen goals this was a terrible deal. Which is why half the forum was up in arms about the price tag. But while Darwin is a better value for money signing, I just do not see it. Many players had decent scoring seasons in portugal. Luis Diaz looked like an absolute beast and wasno surprise at all he made an instant impact at pool but i took some time to watch Darwin's highlight reel and while that is no indication of a player being good enough, most o
  23. I think Benfica are gonna hang on for more. They bought him for 25m which is quite a lot for their standards and they have a sell on clause agreed with his previous club Almeria. pool will have to pay way over market value to get him. he has 3 years contract left and release clause of 150m. that dude has the exact same name as the girly looking (or should I say non-binary?) lad at PSG who is hyped af. Also the same age and both are midfielders. ours is much taller, English and a DM tho
  24. "In a few years" would still be a long ass time for CFC manager in charge so I would take that. I doubt any team can cope with TT's intensity for more than a few years anyway. I do not see him walking tho except for maybe becoming national coach. He could have gone to Madrid when we were in deep shit but he stayed loyal. Maybe I am gullible but I have this feeling TT really cares about our club. In Germany he was never loved by tha fans at all. Neither at Mainz nor Dortmund, despite his success. This might be hard to believe for everyone who has just experienced the personable, cheerful,s
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