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  1. It's incredible how psg have regressed under him.... they did not have a clue how to break lille down. Their biggest signings so far this window, wijnaldum and hakimi even featured and contributed fuck all.
  2. if it is any solace hakimi has been average in attack and careless in defence in his first game for parish
  3. We did not really learn anything new from this, did we. Most of the dregs are still shit, Tammy Zouma probably gonna be sold, RLC hustling for his new dawn.... interesting tho my prediction of TT trying him in the pivot looks on the money so far. Teamwise, we still defend well as a unit but lack individual quality without Thiago, AC and Azpi. Timo's pace is still dangerous but his finsihing is as shit as ever. Similarly the full team is wasteful as fuck (Ziyech, tammy wtf was that lol) We look further ahead in fitness than i though tho. maybe we do stand a chance vs Villare
  4. Kai what a goal. finally werner finds the pass, i thought the moment had gone
  5. damn timo ever heard of peripheral sight
  6. i think that refers to the women's game between the clubs which started at 12pm
  7. the thing with bailey is that on the pitch he has not really improved since those rumours. maybe a few more goals than the season before but his impact on matches has drifted a bit, he has not really found any consistency. So, Leverkusen were quite happy to let him leave. Villa is probably a good step for him.
  8. why is he always this good for small clubs and sucked balls for us in preseason....
  9. yeah but with a medicore one we might not get top 4 either.... world class striker or bust for me.
  10. Kounde looks like such a panic buy to me. I really have a bad feeling about that game vs Villareal who have been training for this occasion for a months now and are so far ahead in their pre-season preparation with their starting XI given they only have 5 internationals.
  11. Agree. Even Tammy is quite nippy but Broja to me looks like a bigger version of Timo in terms of pace, work rate and pressing. The amount of distance he covers with his searing pace is what forced the manager's hand to pick him at Vitesse. The heading as you rightly say is absolutely vital as an attacking plan B. You just can't have a tall striker who can't head the ball. Broja is also not as clumsy as Tammy. I rather have Broja play 30 matches next season and see him score maybe 5-10 goals but take a huge step forward than sign a stopgap like Danny Ings to play those minutes. If we sign any b
  12. nah we just do a mancity and hide the mails until the offence we are sued with is time-barred.
  13. Pep is so smart, he often enough outsmarts himself just as with his tactics vs us. I think one pillar of their team is that they have 6,7 qualtiy attacking midfielders who can all play various positions it just wears opposition players down and gives them options when breaking down teams. when one is not on form, they bring on a fresh copy of him to score a late winner. he also rotates heavily so everyone is always fresh
  14. Magic Lamps


    actually I would take him back for a year if he excepts a squad role and pay cut...
  15. Grealish needs ages on the ball. For me he is too much of a downgrade for a team to afford him the amount of time in the ball a luxury player like Messi or hazard warrants. Who says we still need a hazard? The team has moved on style wise, we should not revel in the past trying to emulate a style that heavily relied on individuals esp if those individuals were just an inferior copy
  16. Except with less pace, worse dribbling, worse shooting and worse off-the-pitch discipline. If at all he is a bad copycat. who wants to settle for the rip-off when you used to have the original. Try another product instead.
  17. this. He is not getting any younger too. His entire career form outside those last 30 games for us does not suggest he warrants this kind of wages.
  18. without a super league game played i doubt they will get any money from JPM.
  19. One of them will stay with the squad tho. Probably between RLC and Drinkwater lol
  20. Süle over Kounde any day pretty sure the board will pull kounde off anyway tho. They are stupid enough and have been chilling all summer would even too humiliating to fail again so late
  21. welcome and good luck I rate him a bit. If we miraculously manage to shed Kepa, I would actually trust Bettinelli as no. 2.
  22. Arguably his best performancein a Chelsea shirt. only one misplaced pass which Ziyech's fault. HIs long diagonals to CHO were spot on as was his defensive positioning. If Jorginho had such a performance some members on here would not stop fawning. He also looks fit. Vitesse Arnheim or whatever club we loan him to will be happy.
  23. lol No but Lewandowski will probably not fulfill is contract there. He will move next summer, probably to Real.
  24. lol Hainer is a corrupted child-enslaver and Blatter-buddy. he spews lies for fun. would not believe a word he says.
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