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  1. Hudson-Odoi should show this kind of energy and determination every game. He surely profits from playing under Tuchel so far.
  2. For such a tall guy Abraham is really bad at headers..
  3. A back four of Kepa, Rudiger, Christensen and a past it Azpilicueta is the stuff of nightmares.
  4. I suppose Abramovich wanted Nagelsmann initially.
  5. In some way he reminds me of Mata 2012-13, altough he scored some vital goals against United, Arsenal and Spurs. I remember our record in big games wasn´t great that season and he was useless in most of them.
  6. Feels like a typical game under Lampard.
  7. Our wingers are completely out of form.
  8. Ziyech has been dreadful the past few weeks.
  9. I like Tuchel, but I cannot figure out why a coach wants to play Jorginho in the middle of the park. He offers absolutely nothing.
  10. Its like when Ramsey suddenly had this incredible run in late 2013.
  11. When you look at the past few years that was always going to happen wasn´t it? Hopefully we can turn it around again in the next few seasons.
  12. The league is there for the taking for Man City. I can live with that, at least its not Liverpool or United.
  13. A must win today. We need to go on a run to get into top 4 this season, its stillt possible considering how shaky the other teams are currently. My XI: Mendy; Azpi, Christensen, Rudiger; James, Kovacic, Jorginho, Mount, Alonso; Ziyech, Abraham
  14. In an ideal world he should start the next few games. Currently he is much better than Mount, who needs a break.
  15. He has to go. This is much worse than the second seasons of Ancelotti or Conte. After 1 1/2 years there isn´t any system or style of play other than spamming crosses into the box. The purple patch from October to December only bought him some time, we have been found out again and now look worse than ever. Sure, the players didn´t exactly cover themselves in glory either, but by watching our games you can immediately see that it is a coaching problem. Part ways now, because the point of no return has been passed in the last few weeks. I will always respect him as a player, but as a manage
  16. In fact its a serious decline when you take this summers investments into account.
  17. Azpi is finished at the top level.
  18. Where are the users who called everyone who doubted Lampards abilities plastic fans? Didn´t see them the last few weeks...
  19. And rightly so. Sad story, but he has to go.
  20. On the other hand we should be glad that he is a good shot stopper. Without his saves we would likely have 6-8 points less. He gets the basics right, which is all we asked for when we signed him. His sweeping isn´t good either, but I can accept that considering Mendy is pretty decent in almost every goalkeeper attribute. We should be used to concede penalty goals anyway. In the last twenty years we never had any good penalty stopper as our first goalkeeper.
  21. But is his general play good enough for a club like Chelsea? Altough I have to say that he improved in this regard, he still has a long way to go and I doubt his ceiling is high enough for Chelsea. I think he will end up as a lesser version of Lukaku.
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