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  1. But according to some you are not a real fan if you don´t back this amazing manager.
  2. Honestly after the last three weeks I never believed we would win this game.
  3. Now lets watch Arsenal outplaying us.
  4. His general play improved a lot compared to last season. I didn´t think he had this improvement in his locker, but I am happy for his progress. His biggest weakness is still his heading, which is quite paradox given his height.
  5. Lampard is not exactly a lucky coach when it comes to injuries..
  6. Giroud might score some goals, but I think we are more cohesive with Tammy/Werner upfront. Still a great player to have in the squad.
  7. Liverpool leads after 3 minutes- already turned off the stream.
  8. The problem is that Lamps doesn´t really has a preferred system or a philosophy himself. In addition to that our wingers are constantly injured, so he has to change the formation all the time.
  9. In my opinion Gerrard could do everything that Lampard did and on top of that he was a better athlete, more dynamic and a better passer. He was also a better dribbler and better defensively. In general I think he was a more multi-dimensional player than Lampard. For most of his career Gerrard also played alongside some very average players, whereas Lampard played alongside the likes of Makelele, Ballack, Essien and so on.
  10. Yes, I always thought his 13/14 season was on par if not better than Ronaldos 07/08 season. Suarez carried an average team almost to the title.
  11. I am a big fan of unpopular opinions. What are some of your unpopular opinions on Chelsea or football in general? I will start: Gerrard was a better player than Lampard and I think it´s not even close. The Premier League era from 2004-2009 is overrated. The big four had some pretty strong teams at the time, but they benefitted from the fact that most other strong teams from europe were in transition at that time. I also believe the Premier League is much better nowadays. Sides like Wolves, Leeds, and so on can play some really good football with great passing at times. Fro
  12. He is not quite at 100% yet, but I think the signs are promising. We need him at his best for the rest of the season, because he can unlock a low block, which we will face quite often the next few months.
  13. Yes, he is finally back to his best after almost two years full of injury problems and being played out of position.
  14. Havertz has to go, Mount was pretty good an we need his energy in midfield.
  15. Yes a little bit unfair on Kova, as he is in great form.
  16. Yes but the likes of de Bruyne and Mahrez would have probably converted those chances United gifted West Ham today.
  17. Trust me they will get owned by City next week.
  18. They scrape their lucky wins against the likes of West Ham or Southampton last week due to their individiual quality upfront, but they will crumble against higher quality sides. Also, West Ham should have been 3-0 up at half time.
  19. Great tackle by Rice. Good game from him.
  20. I thought he still looked a bit slow when he came on yesterday. We have 8 games in 28 days in December so he will get enough game time. Tend to agree regarding Pulisic, but then again we need him to get back to proper match fitness. His harmstring problems are also not exactly the result of overplaying him, he very likely has bad tendons and/or a bad posture, which leads to his harmstring problems.
  21. Giroud has to start. Would like to see Ziyech and Pulisic on the wings, Werner needs a break in my opinion. Havertz, Mount and Kante in midfield please.
  22. Yesterday was a one-off. I doubt Spurs have the squad depth to challenge for the title. When Son and Kane get isolated they aren´t that great in my opinion.
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