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  1. I swear some people would have Zouma or Dunk over Cannavaro as well.
  2. The problem is Kepa isn´t dependable over the course of a whole month. He might string 2-3 clean sheets together, but there´s always a great possibility of a disasterclass, especially when you consider our opponents next January. Remember when Cech was out in 2010? This happened. I honestly thought we lost the league back then and I can easily see such scenario if we are in a title race next season.
  3. Havertz, Rüdiger and N´Golo starting.
  4. Do you fancy yourselves against France and will any of our blue Germans start for your team?
  5. Should be a win, but with our national team you never know.. Thought that Pandev retired in about 2012, can´t believe he is still playing.
  6. Considering Coutinho went for 140m that is not that much for Haaland to be honest.
  7. To add to that I think these height arguments are way overblown these days. First, Azpi is the same height as James and played this role on a high level for years now. James has a really good leap and won´t get bullied in physical duels also and imo he just lacks the energy and stamina for a wingback. We aren´t exactly a tall side now, but I don´t remember us having any trouble because of that all season. There are not many top-teams with many tall players in their sides at the moment. This height-talk only came up when Mourinho completely lost the plot in that autumn.
  8. He might be a good player, but I have to say that our league is really bad. Salzburg is by far the best team and the difference in terms of quality compared to the other teams is much greater than say Bayern compared to the rest of their league. There might be some exceptions (Mane, Haaland) who are good enough for top teams, but usually young Salzburg players find their level at teams like Leipzig or Leverkusen at best. Other strikers who scored many goals in our league were quickly found out when they made the next step to Italy or Germany.
  9. Contract extension for Tuchel. Extended by two years. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2021/06/04/contract-extension-for-thomas-tuchel?cardIndex=0-0
  10. Great game from him. Really good touch from him in the build-up to the goal.
  11. Even Courtois congratulated us on twitter.
  12. I had Iniesta flashbacks when that Mahrez shot flyed towards the goal in minute 96... in that moment I was sure it was going in.
  13. They might be the better, more experienced team on paper and are favourites for the final, but I still fancy our chances. They are a good side, granted, but so are we and if anything I believe their style of play fits our strengths so its no coincidence we beat them two times the last couple of months. IF our defence plays like against Real Madrid we have a good chance of winning the game tomorrow. Sadly Christensen got this injury some weeks ago, I think we would have been much more solid at the back with him. Maybe he plays tomorrow, but I doubt it. If we survive their early pressure a
  14. Fair enough, but to be fair to Jorginho he was in general pretty good in the last few months and this includes many big games.
  15. The problem is we don´t have alternatives. Kovacic is quite good under pressure, but still looks very rusty after his injury so I doubt Tuchel would risk to play him. If Kante is out its game over in my opinion.
  16. Reminds me a little bit of our 13/14 season. We threw the title away against teams like Villa, Norwich or Newcastle while winning pretty much every big game. With a wise transfer window we can play for the title next season.
  17. Please get Werner off at half-time.
  18. Barca is on a serious decline.
  19. Atleast he is the kind of player who is able to suddenly explode (like last summer) and doesn´t need a run of games in order to get going like Hazard used to back in the day. That might be some hope for the CL final that the real Pulisic turns up.
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