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  1. I personally would start Giroud upfront and save Havertz for City. Giroud deserves this.
  2. Yes but similar to Mourinhos teinure 2-3 years would be enough. Conte wants a team with spending power and I imagine he would win trophies immediately given that this time no Barcelona superteam is around..
  3. I could see him end up at Real one day..
  4. No offence but the conspiracy theories in this thread are way over the top imo.
  5. Still don´t get why James didn´t play as a RCB so far. On paper he would fit the requirements for this position perfectly..
  6. Happy with the result. The performance was ok, nothing special, but after the game against WBA I expected nothing more. Porto played very good in parts and their athleticism was really too much for us at times. Am I the only one who suddenly started to like our red kit?
  7. I initially liked Chilwell, but since Lampard left he looks like a mediocre player..
  8. In my opinion you can´t really just look at the trophys when judging a team. I am far from a Barca fan, but I have to say their team was unbelievable, I have never seen a more dominant side since then. They had Messi, Iniesta and Xavi in their prime not to mention the other great players. The way they played changed football completely overnight in 08/09 and that is something I respect even though it is not my preferred style of play. I don´t think your mentioned Real side would stand a chance against this Barca team. Yes, they lost two CL´s in this time, but lets be honest in 9 out of 10
  9. I am not sure if he is match fit enough for a CL game. His last 90 minutes were at end of January and Christensen did pretty well against Atletico. Either way, hopefully play better today than against WBA..
  10. Didn´t see these teams, but fair enough. Bayern from 2011-2014 was also a pretty good side.
  11. Christensen has been superb since Tuchel arrived and Silva was injured and didn´t exactly cover himself in glory against WBA..
  12. Werner is really hopeless again.
  13. Kovacic has been world class this season.
  14. Its still in our hands even if we lose. I doubt Spurs and Pool will win all their remaining games either..
  15. That was silly from T.Silva..
  16. Yes but to be fair if I remember correctly back then we had the title pretty much in our bag and he actually had a decent side at Palace, not sure if the same could be said of WBA.
  17. On the other hand it means we have more rest before the crucial away game against Porto and given WBA is practically relegated we should really win this and put pressure on the teams around us.
  18. With the exception of 09/10 we had always very nice home kits by Adidas. 90% of our away and third kits were also very good.
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