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  1. Would have taken Verratti some years ago, but not anymore. Currently injured aswell. Don´t want to sound too much like Mourinho, but we already lack height in midfield so if there are other younger, less injury prone options on the market..
  2. Didn´t understand the substitution of Gilmour. He was one of the better players in the first half. Would have rather taken off Jorginho, especially considering Saturday. That being said, I thought CHO was dreadful. He has been pretty frustrating this season. His stats are pretty good, but his overall performances are really shaky. Hopefully United does us a favour tonight for once...
  3. Defenders make less mistakes when they feel security. Rudiger and Christensen looked like absolute clowns last season (Sheffield away the obvious example). Under Tuchel they look like they have been playing on a high level for years, knowing there are Kante and Jorginho+ Azpi at their best protecting them and also a borderline world class GK instead of Kepa behind them.
  4. Its not like their midfield offers good protection for their defenders.
  5. We should be glad that we have such a big squad. Apart from City we might be the only team capable of dealing with a tough schedule like ours. For comparison, just look how Liverpool crumbled this season when they had to tinker their starting XI.
  6. To compare Varane to David Luiz is a bit far fetched.
  7. In my opinion this transfer could work out. I see Havertz as a long-term option as a false nine. I think our general play upfront would be so much better when Havertz plays this position than say someone like Haaland. Pulisic and our other wingers profit much more when playing with Kai. Aguero could be a good option for flat-track bullying (which is a problem under Tuchel so far) for two seasons. Similar to Cavani at United.
  8. I actually think Tuchel rates him (he was a starter when the German arrived), but he probably doesn´t like his mentality.
  9. My player And some people on here wanted to sell him 2019..
  10. Given Real Madrids form and injury concerns I have a really good feeling about Wednesday. I know its Real Madrid, but this time there is no Ronaldo to bail them out. Apart from the lucky Benzema goal they didn´t get a sniff at our goal in the first leg. We also rested some of our key players on Saturday, while they only rested Kroos and Modric. If our defence stays stable we will progress.
  11. Giroud not in the squad is a statement. Is the chat with Courtois about Werner on wednesday the reason? He is off this summer surely.
  12. Not his biggest fan, but I will still give him next season to prove me wrong. As other users already said at least he gets into these scoring positions. What he just needs is a complete reset after the EUROs..
  13. What a performance. He is a beast in big games.
  14. Apart from that lucky Benzema goal Real didn´t threat us at all. Real has to attack us on Wednesday, so we will get our chances. I really believe we have a good chance to go through, I would actually gamble on the Fulham game and rest some important players.
  15. Mount had a great game in my opinion, especially in the first half.
  16. This tie could already be over, but oh well... Mount and Pulisic have been great.
  17. Yes, he looked world class the last few months. Fair play to him, he deserves a new contract.
  18. Kovacic out is the bigger blow.
  19. Havertz and Werner to start alongside Pulisic I suppose?
  20. Tuchel says he found out Chelsea were signing up to the European Super League yesterday. Adds: “I’m here to be in the biggest competition... I trust my club to make the right decisions”
  21. Easily one of his best performances for us..
  22. James is a decent 1 vs 1 defender. His defensive shortcoming is his positioning in a back four (look at the Bayern match), which is much less of a problem at RCB. He is strong, has a good leap and decent enough pace for the RCB position. His lack of stamina wouldn´t be that much of a problem also when compared to his wingback outings.
  23. He isn´t suited to the wingback role. I think he would be a beast at RCB.
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