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  1. If not for him we wouldn´t be first in the league. He will bounce back for sure.
  2. Mistakes are normal and it was obvious that these things would come back (paired with injuries to key players) at some time. We were carried by Tuchel far too long. We are good but its been clear for a while it won´t be enough for the title so people shouldn´t be too upset.
  3. To be fair our performance was far from bad in the first half. Without Mendys mistake we probably win this game rather easily. After their second we fell apart though.
  4. He gave a hint that Saul could get a run as a LWB soon.
  5. Agree, I would also add Cuadrado to that list. From what I remember he was just as hopeless.
  6. This has to be one of the most pathetic midfield displays in recent times. RLC and Saul got overrun at will.
  7. Lets face it. We have a good team, but we aren´t that good. Most probably we will reach a nice third place in the league, which would be pretty good imo.
  8. To be fair we beat them two times in the FA Cup since.
  9. Mount and Havertz are wasted as wide players.
  10. Good game. Our attacking players have to continue to score goals, because we can´t rely on the scoring-form of our wingbacks/defenders the whole season.
  11. Good performance so far. James with another great assist.
  12. Pulisic for Ziyech at minute 60 please.
  13. Nice to see both Liverpool and City lost points.
  14. We have to win today. City are losing with 10 men and Pool might concede a second.
  15. I don´t think it will matter though. We have a nice team, but we probably won´t be competing for the title. City and Liverpool are still ahead of us (technique-wise they are are on another level) and I doubt we are able to keep their pace over the course of 38 games. That being said we will secure a comfortable and good third place, which is not a shame given the quality of our opponents. We have a better chance in the cup competitions.
  16. The longer Solskjaer is their coach the better.
  17. Sarr cost us almost two goals yesterday. Completely misjudged a header and subsequently almost conceded a clumsy penalty. Then few minutes later he completely lost his man just to be saved by Mendy again. Then he lost a header again which led to the bicycle kick which Mendy kept out. Look at the highlights from 1:30 onwards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IinThi4xNOw I know it was his first PL start and I don´t want to slate the guy too much (he actually made some good tackles in the first 60 minutes), but I thought his defending in the box was a bit off in the last 30 minutes so I would
  18. Christensen was comfortably better. Sarr got caught out a few times.
  19. Really? I actually thought he had a bad game. Many shaky moments.
  20. Atleast Tuchel took Lukaku off this time.
  21. Was obvious from the start.
  22. 10/10 performance. The perfect shot stopper.
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