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  1. Nice draw, but I don´t think I could handle another potential semi final loss to Liverpool...
  2. Emerson seems to be a better finisher than all our attackers.
  3. And some people really wanted to sell this beast in 2019? He was god-like today and still has so much to offer..
  4. Great keeper, made a very important save today. He might not the best sweeper, but he is a very good shot stopper which is enough for me.
  5. If we lose out on top 4 in reality it´s because our run from December until Tuchel arrived..
  6. Wasn´t it more on the chest and shoulder? Havertz still has a good game so far.
  7. Another great performance. If we could partner him next to a world class DM our midfield (Kante is good, but doesn´t fit the system) would be unreal. If he keeps this up he will be player of the year again and deservedly so.
  8. Looked not that bad in the second half in my opinion. His body language isn´t that great though. He looks like he is unhappy and off again in the summer.
  9. Bruno on his day is a good player, but his on-field antics are cringeworthy. Never won anything of note, but pretends to be some sort of big leader that led his teams to multiple trophies. Constantly winding other people up, shouting at the referee or managers, but gets away with it every time.
  10. I don´t think he would be a big upgrade on Rudiger or Zouma. He would struggle against the pacy strikers and winger in England. I´d rather look after a defender who can organize the defense himself (like T. Silva) and doesn´t rely on physical prowess. Also, Sule already had two cruciate ligament ruptures, which would also be risky.
  11. Great win. Completely outclassed them. I think everybody had a good game.
  12. As for now, he is our best LWB. Chilwell hasn´t been up to his best since November, so in my opinion Alonso deserved his chance and hasn´t done anything wrong so far.
  13. As long as he doesn´t play every game I don´t mind keeping Alonso. He is better than Emerson and offers a unique skill set. We can´t have a squad consisting of 20 world class players and most people will disagree, but I think he is a good back up to have in the squad. If we would sell him we will just buy another guy like Zappacosta for 25 Mio...
  14. I would also like to see James as RCB at some point. I don´t think he is that good at RWB and his qualities fit the RCB position to the point. Also, Azpi has been a great servant for many years, but he isn´t good enough to start every game anymore.
  15. Thank god. Another defender in the mould of Rudiger or Zouma who needs a brain like Silva playing alongside him is the last thing we need.
  16. I think its pretty fair to say he hasn´t been exactly a great signing (just like Havertz and Ziyech) so far.
  17. Atletico is currently losing to Levante, so there is hope.
  18. Another really bad game from him. As I already stated in the matchday thread his technique is really underwhelming, he can´t win 1vs1 duels and his passing is midtable level. Without space infront of him he is basically useless, most of his goals in Germany were scored because of Leipzigs great counter attacks. If his general play (runs, passing etc.) would be better, I could overlook his lack of goals, but lets be honest, what does he really offer to the team? He was praised on here when he got that lucky penalty call (his bad touch would have let him down again if the keeper didn´t rush out)
  19. Why is Werner still on the pitch then.
  20. Whats the point of Azpi anyway? Just play James as RCB and play with a proper winger.
  21. Werners technique is really lacking.
  22. I don´t hope so, he constantly gave me Hazard vibes last summer. As for now, I have my doubts about him, but I wouldn´t write him off yet, he is only 22 years old. He might be much more stable against injuries in say 3 years.
  23. I think he is too injury prone to be a top player. Granted, Robben was probably even more injured, but he could immediately make an impact for the teams he played for. Pulisic on the other hand always needs some weeks to get back to his level and this time he apparently needs some months.
  24. Hudson-Odoi should show this kind of energy and determination every game. He surely profits from playing under Tuchel so far.
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