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  1. He has his chance today and well...
  2. Hope he isn't given a extension
  3. No just happens to have the best defence in Europe and probably 1 of the best CAM in Europe too. The problem isn't that but our inability to win against crap teams who always set out to park the bus.
  4. What is worse he might be the reason we are gonna miss out on Shaw too. I actually hope PSG come in and bid 20m for him so we could sell
  5. I think it is probably down to Jose telling him to be more aggressive, resulting in this change of personality. Now he is more dirty and making terrible challenges with no shame at all
  6. So basically you are saying he is not a CAM? then what is he?
  7. It happens a lot of time with Atletico this season too like for example yesterday. Eventually they won and he usually the one who scored.
  8. Remember when people here said he is gonna become one of world's best CAM? Then the audacity to compare this guy with Kroos a few weeks back when I brought up that debate.
  9. Ramires+£40m for Vidal maybe?
  10. Cech was ill not rested. Yh agreed about Cole, need to fucking stop the personal vendetta against players now.
  11. We need him more than ever now. Atletico had countless situations like us today and he is often the difference in the end eventually
  12. Just went on rage mode, think another ban from the cunts in FA coming shame he has been spot on too, City and Pool been getting so much shit this season especially with decisions
  13. Team play like shit, can't fucking get pass bus parking sides. Always, fucking always counter attacking. Tuesday if we repeat PSG away again we will get destroyed and this time we won't get a chance in the 2nd leg. TITLE RACE OVER.
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