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  1. he played really well when he was on the left side of the pitch, where cutting in was not possible. That forced him to beat players with skill and pace, which he is very capable of doing. The problem with him playing right wing is that the option to cut in is always there and he cant naturally dribble to much with his right foot. That means that every time he does cut in, there are 2-3 opponents around to cut the move off, but on the left wing, he was doing quite well.
  2. Not sure if this has already been posted. This is a fantastic photo.... shows how well the new signings have settled in. Good job all around !
  3. Ramires scores 1 great goal per season. Sadly, he has scored this years goal in pre season. CL 2 years ago. Last year a goal into top left corner, dont remember against whom, This year. todays goal
  4. Done! I wonder if that last page too was a test on how likely is someone willing to divulge their personal email address based on the promise of a monetary reward.
  5. You are just 27 posts short of being eligible. Just go to all the topics on the main page and post your point of view, and you should be close to the 50 post requirement.
  6. I would have rather seen him playing for a "smaller" club, rather than city. No assumptions about their fans, they are alright. But currently they are our rivals for the title. Ideally he could have gone anywhere in Europe, but whatever the reasons, sister club etc.... it wont be nice to see him in city's colors playing for them.
  7. Sorry for that! Just thought it needed to be said!! Back on topic!! Lampard will always be a Chelsea Legend! But why on earth did he go to Man City out of all teams!! Should have gone back to West Ham, where it all started for him.... that would have at least made sense. Or controversially gone to QPR with Harry, who kickstarted his career. I guess no one will know why he did what he has done till his contract expires with the city teams, or till he writes a book. Either way, i cant say good luck to him at city.
  8. I hope he does care. I dont care what Term x had been saying but a moderator editing someones post to "im a cunt" cant be considered to be ok.
  9. Does nothing to his Legacy, just adds a bitter spot in regards to the emotional sentiment and his history with the club.
  10. Frank Lampard is like Tiger woods in one way. Both are greats, but will always be remembered by the people for having cheated on their love. Lamps will always be a chelsea great, but signing for city, that too for 6 months is just plain wierd considering his history here. however, the fact that he has signed for the same owners in america must have played a part. Thar being said, i dont think he is judas or any such thing. I get that this is the real world, but the moment when he celebrates scoring a goal for city this season, a big chunk of what he built over the last 10 years will be lost. S
  11. With the Lukaku money, selling Torres, and possiby even Cech, depending on how the early season goes, we should have enough money to get in cavani. That 4-4-2 formation!
  12. Winning the League - a realistic expectation. Costa to be a huge success. Schurrle becoming a starter and doing well. Hazard to flourish. Oscar to prove doubters wrong. He went missing without mata next to him. I except fabregas to be in the same wavelength as him. The only thing i wish for is quicker play. If we again get comfortable playing slow football at 0-0 or 1-0 then there is no way in hell we will win the league. Killer instict this season.
  13. Pure speculation. Not happening. Cant happen. Schurrle is the only player in Chelsea, maybe apart from hazard and Terry, which no opposition supporter argues that they are overrated. There are very few players in any team which are appreciated by other supporters. My friends who support other teams consider him underrated. After all the nonsense i listen to about this player is overrated, that player is overrated, it is joyful to have an underrated and appreciated player. Can not be sold under any circumstances. If he can achieve a starting position for us this season, its goals and assists ga
  14. I get the feeling that Jose has been deploying Torres on the side of costa as more of a tester for Schurrle eventually taking that position, and possibly even being a starting 11 player for us. I really hope Schurrle starts for us.He simply adds too much to our gameplay to be ignored for a starting position now. i dont know how to put this, but schurrle is a go getter, and never is quiet during games. We need that.
  15. That should work the other way as well, in terms of World class players and manager at Chelsea who should have done better.
  16. So i guess pre season training also kind of means nothing. Pre season games are real match simulations and its never a good feeling to see no direction and progression in style of play. You can change the engine parts ( players ) from your old car, but if you are not at the same time changing the aero dynamics of that car ( playing style) then its never going to win you the race ( title)
  17. dont care about the result as long as there are no points for winning or losing. Its all about the performance and understanding what our gameplan and strategy is. What type of football will we play this season? The fuck up is that it is easy to say we play counter attacking football, but surely there has to be something beyond that.
  18. I actually think we have been the same, just played better teams
  19. exacly the sort of reality check our players and coach needed.
  20. So bredan rogers only coaches attack, and mourinho the opposite. Somewhere in the middle please!
  21. it does look like we dont practice attacking play in training. Looks like we practice finishing, defending and discipline.... Pre season it is, but this is just funny to watch.
  22. Earler on i used to buy phones and once i bought a new one, i still kept the old one in my drawer. Of late, when i buy a new phone i sell my old one and use that money towards buying the new one. Just Saying!!
  23. Most countries in europe are allowed third party ownership players and therefore get alot of players for much lesser than their value, since sporting funds and companies own majority shares in the players and clubs are only buying a certain percentage when acquiring a player. We are not allowed that in england and this is just another way to make money of young talents. We have the ability to place them in better clubs due to their association with us and more often than not, they get into the club of their standard and we earn some money as well. We should produce some youth now since our pro
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