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  1. Above Cazorla definitely in performances over the season, and even if you were to judge via FPL points, which is a good indicator of the players performance over the season, Erikson is up there.
  2. ----------My PFA Team of the Year: -------------------de Gea------------------ -----Ivanovic- ----Terry----Bertrand------- Sanchez--Fabregas---Eriksen--Hazard- --------Costa-----Kane------Austin--------
  3. agree with your point there, but the only thing i can say is that last year we had a team with lesser quality than this year. and we were playing vs 10 men for most of the game,
  4. Mourinhos negative attitude lost us this tie imo. Didnt push his players to play positive and let the game and gameplan drag on hoping that we scrape through. We have done this many times in the Pl going 1-0 and then scraping through. We are deservedly out as we are not positive enough to deserve to go far amongst the elite
  5. In the words of Jose Himself : This is a disgrace. 2-0 up, can not lose 4-2. At home. We couldnt watch the game but i simply can not imagine what went on for such a turn around to happen. The fact that there was rotation shouldnt matter. Our second team should be able to beat bradford, and in this case, hold on to a 2-0 lead at home. What the fuck happened.
  6. Hopefully he is more productive going forward, but in general play seems no better than salah or schurrle. He will provide something different but not an upgrade IMO. This is purely based on youtube.
  7. tries to hit the ball too hard almost every time he gets a chance at goal. He is making himself the prime candidate to be replaced in the starting 11 this summer. We need more quality and goals/assists from an attacking player on the RW, and at some point of time, his "effort", which is respected by everyone, is not enough anymore. Just to give an example of another player who makes similar effort as willian, SANCHEZ. If we had Hazard Oscar Sanchez as our front 3 with Costa. That is what will happen this summer IMO. A new RW for sure.
  8. anyone else think shaw is average at best? very unimpressive
  9. Disgraceful move by Lampard. While he is a legend and will always be respected at Chelsea, he will be viewed differently from now. Took fans from both CFC and New York for granted. Sad really. They even put up a few huge billboards in NY with Lampard in the image and sold some 12000 season tickets. This is jus plain wrong, and UEFA should look into it.
  10. 2-2. Spurs have become much better than people give them credit for. And Kane is on the same level as costa in terms of goal scoring this season. Unless hazard does it again, i can see a score draw.
  11. Good Goal by Eden, but we are getting owned on the right half of the pitch, as schurrle and Mikel are doing absolutely nothing together. No vision, passing , closing down or being expansive. Willian must come on.
  12. The moment Schurrle and Mikel were in the starting lineup, i was scared. Mikel is the Torres of his position, rarely affecting the game. Schurrle only plays for himself.
  13. not too sure long range shooting is that much of a problem, considering we have more points and more goals than we have had at this time of the year over the past 10 seasons. However, regarding crossing, you are right. Ashley cole provided width for crossing which Azpi doesnt. Luiz cant cement a starting spot. We are great at corners though, only second in attacking corners met with headers on target behind Stoke. Considering we have this ability we should be doing that a little more, but i think its one or the other, cant have both. The possession one-two play which we do will be disrupted if
  14. I thing Mikel deserves to start this one. Having good competition ahead of him have seemed to force him to make his own game more dynamic. I have been Anti Mikel for quite a long time, but his last game was a breath of fresh air, and for once i understood what people spoke about his potential. If he puts his mind to it, he can be more progressive. Mikel and Matic is an interesting combo if mikel looks ahead more often.
  15. It took until drogba came on that i realised what was wrong with our last couple of performances. He played with passion and guts, and imposed himself upon the game. Our players have become a little too comfortable after the initial brilliant start to the season. Those bullying characteristics that every player showed early on in the season need to come back quickly. We were hunting down opposition players in packs and winning the ball, but that behavior has reduced alot and we have become slower in posession. Few things to be worked out in training. Matic is irreplaceable. and costa needs to
  16. We were not aggressive enough or fast enough. Sunderland were well organised and fair play to them. We are a team which need rythm, that too with pace. From the beginning they slowed the game down by packing players back. That being said, our play was too contemplative throughout the game. Within the first 30 minutes it was pretty clear we were not going to get through balls down the middle, so that is the only thing i can fault Jose for. Instead of shooting from way out, the strategy should have changed to bombarding aerial crosses at every chance we got. That makes the chances of your player
  17. Alcohol bro. Have lots of it. Send a few drunk texts.
  18. Danny murphy is the worst PL Commentator i have heard . Seriously. So negative. In a game which is actually fun to watch, he is making it annoying to hear. This player is shit, the referee is soft. The manager is not acting. Tiring to hear. Never again. Hopefully.
  19. ------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- ----------------
  20. http://arsenal-mania.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=324513&start=300 That 'game' showcased everything that's wrong with this team under Wenger. It was actually perfect in that sense, yet absolutely fvcking disgusting in every way. ...capped of with petulance and yet another touchline skirmish with another manager from Wenger. This isn't a man in control. Özil though??? I think Özil should only play home games for us from now. He is not up to the scrap of the premiership YET. We should never have bought Özil he is not played in his favoured position very often and he is not cut out to be
  21. whore mother is the literal translation ( motherf__r) but after searching a bit, this is another meaning, "All over Spain, "de puta madre" means "extremely good", "appealing", "desirable". It applies to people, situations, experiences, anything." In the north of Spain, if the article "la" (meaning "the") is added to the beginning of the phrase ("la puta madre"), it becomes a high compliment meaning that something is the coolest of its kind (similar to calling it the bomb, or the shit.)
  22. Facosmascaz Habrecoscatic Had to give Oscar MOTM. He has really come back to life the past few games. The energy and dynamism is finally back. Glad for him and for the team. They believe that this is their year, and it really shows. KTBFFH!!
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