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  1. We have 2. it all comes down to quality in the end. England has and still produces some really good defenders but ahead of that its never really CL winning quality. there are a few anomalies ofcourse in the last generation
  2. I have started to feel bad for west ham fans....they can sign whoever they want, big sam is just a boring non footballing manager.
  3. chelsea on fb : Cesar Azpilicueta has signed a new five year-contract! Great news Dave! http://che.lc/UtNhti Dave!! Officially~!
  4. welbeck is no better than borini.....joke signing .
  5. Anyone remember Ballack going absolutely crazy running after the Referee when a handball wasnt given against Barca? Diego is the first Chelsea player since then who i imagine will do the same. Passionate, ballsy and commanding. We missed that sort of personality the last few years. Fabregas, Costa, Luis and Remy. We are single handedly carrying the PL mantle and honour among Europe for some years now, and long may that last.
  6. Not going to blame or criticise the defense or goalie in this one. This was just simply a bizzare game, and can be chalked off as a one off. But what a performance going forward. Definitely one of my favorite chelsea games of all time. Exhilarating!!
  7. Im in the same boat as most others on here.... no idea what his style pf play or strengths are, even after watching his youtube videos. However, just like costa has done this season, we need a goalscorer, dont care about any other qualities. Just score goals. That being said, i dont know enough about the guy and youtube hasnt impressed me( which is wierd because every player looks amazing on youtube), i cant judge him. but on the other hand if Remy is available at 8.5 million, we should be doing everything to get him in. Anyways, we have scouts for a reason, and surely they have seen something
  8. Gotta disagree on Ramires starting this one! Not because he isnt good enough, but this is the sort of game where he could get red carded via 2 yellows. everton play real quick and ramires does make rash tackles ....
  9. I agree, they are quite decent, but we are making them look way better than they really are. The two reasons for that are that players arent playing fast enough, and when we do have the ball, apart from schurrle making runs, no one really has. Secondly, when we have had the ball, players are too immobile, therefore no quick passes , 1-2's etc.
  10. Not happy with this first half performance. Jose should remind the boys they are playing a promoted team, and WE are at home. Players are too slow. too slow.
  11. Wow! Never realised Courtois is so much taller and bigger than Cech!
  12. Mourinho was fired once. We all know what happened since then. Yes we won trophies, but that was with Jose's ageing squad, and we were never able to get a "team" again, no balance. All it took Jose was 1 YEAR. The way he has fixed our squad has been nothing short of phenomenal. I think the club and Roman have both realised how important a good manager is and the stability he brings. Jose by design is a winner, and while he is here, we will win trophies. His style of play has also improved, and he is much less negative as he was before. He has also matured over time and is not as confrontationa
  13. Dont think anyone can be loyal even before playing for the club. He was being real, and that is perfectly fine. Just because we signed him from genk and sent him out on loan doesnt mean he is suddenly loyal to us, he is contractually tied to us, that is all. Anyways, he became probably the best or 2nd best goalkeeper in the world in those 2 years. It would have been a total joke if we made the 2nd best keeper in the world warm the bench. Sometimes, decisions have to be made which are rational rather than emotional and im glad mourinho made the decision to start with him.
  14. Thats actually exactly what we needed. Being over cautious last season got us the least goals conceded, but in the end, we couldnt do enough to score and win games, and ended up losing the title. I think most of us will gladly accept letting in an extra 10 goals, if that allows us to score and extra 30 goals. The perfect example of this change, is the fact that last season even if schurrle made that run, and oscar was somewhere else, our pivot midfielder would have been close to halfway line and not close to the box, for fabregas to be where he was and play that through ball that killed the ga
  15. Anyone else thought Herrera from United was complete dogshit? The entire team was horrible, but i didnt know too much about him, and expected the guy to be atleast something good. Weak, slow, not comfortable on the ball, not commanding, almost like a little kid in a big stadium not being able to tie his shoelaces. Cabella is an extraordinary player. Yes, thats an early big call to make, but i think he is phenomenal with his ball control, vision and has a very assured game. Reminded me of hazard at times with the way he glided with the ball. Tadic was impressive but not there yet. He seemed lik
  16. oscar was ok today. sad that he has lost the drive and pace from his game
  17. This is precisely the reason one of them has to go. We cant have this constant speculation and unrest that follows having both these guys in our squad. In goalkeeping , there simply has to be an undisputed no. 1, and then another quality keeper who can just about challenge, not usurp. i really hope we deal with this quickly. Its like playing only 1 striker up front, and then having Costa and Cavani in our squad, telling them that only 1 will start the game while the other sits out, Both will get games through rotation. Just doesnt work. You could sometimes go 2 upfront with strikers, but with
  18. I fully expect us to win and win well. It would be totally understandable if we had the same squad as last season, and people on here were expecting a 1-0, 2-1 sort of result. But with this season's squad, i am quite confident we will win with some flair and command the game. We have simply added too much quality and the fact that the new boys have settled in so effortlessly, there is no unknown quantities in play. Hazard to be better, Oscar to be better, Willian to be better, Schurrle to be a revelation, Fabregas to be a smashing success, Luis to add stability and Costa to Smash! No need to w
  19. Correct me if i am wrong. I get that retrospective investigations can happen in the following scenario, but is this a loophole, possibly? Lets say Man city wants to get a 40 million player, but cant because of FFP. So a Non UEFA team, such as New York City, which is owned by the same group, can they buy that player and loan him for very basic amounts to city? I know it will show up as a loss to NYC, but hypothetically, is that something than clubs can do to get around it??
  20. So, most of the players in the Indian Cricket team went to the United-Valencia game, Meanwhile Kohli travelled all the way to london to watch the Chelsea game. Respect. All is forgiven from now on..... forever! Remove that frenchie though FFS.
  21. A username and password are being requested by http://chelsea-stage1.adobecqms.com. The site says: "By Invitation Only lol
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