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  1. why have they started playing that stupid music at the end. This is not the shire.
  2. No matter what anyone says, he will be missed. One of the most passionate and versatile players we have had in the last decade.
  3. Oscar is not going to do Neymar dribbles. Dont expect him to. He has the ability to keep Pirlo quiet. He is exceptional playing in small spaces, creating the sort of 1-2's that get you past opposition defences. He needs to improve his crossing ability, which is something that you can even get better at when you are 30. No worries there. As for a few people who were saying managers are not that important, its the players mostly, do you remember the Liverpool away game ? The City away game? The manager has to assign systems and roles, and then its the players that must apply that on the pitch. W
  4. Anyone else getting this when trying to access the forum directly?? Warning: Illegal string offset 'member_id' in /home/jimcfc/public_html/forum/admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php on line 2950 Warning: Illegal string offset 'member_group_id' in /home/jimcfc/public_html/forum/admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php on line 2971 Warning: Illegal string offset 'member_group_id' in /home/jimcfc/public_html/forum/admin/sources/base/ipsMember.php on line 2973 Warning: Thawing bitwise options for MEMBERS: Bitwise field 'bw_is_spammer' has overwritten DB field 'bw_is_spammer' in /home/jimcfc/public_html/for
  5. I say keep him. He will learn a few things about growing up and becoming mature. His childlike behavior of throwing his toys out of the pram if he is not getting whatever he wants is quite ridiculous for a professional footballer. If he does prove that he is indeed the "complete striker", then that will cement his place in our starting line up in many games, and might force mourinho to play 4-4-2, or some formation with 2 upfront. He will earn himself more and more gametime even if we play 1 striker up front. If he cant prove himself as the complete striker, then the club can decide what to do
  6. This is just getting annoying now. Pre season begins in 48 hours. What on earth are we waiting for? Sign him officially. I dont know if atletico are stopping the transfer till they get a replacement but now its just got too delayed. Show him holding up a chelsea shirt a cobham.
  7. That would in normal circumstances be acceptable, but having Torres as the second striker is not going to cut it for us. I simply cannot see torres coming on and making us win a game, or if Costa is injured, Torres doing the job for us. If we dont buy another second choice striker, selling Lukaku will be a huge mistake for the club. If he is worth 25 million with 2 years left, at worst he will be worth 18 million with 1 season left on contract. For a few million extra, its not worth having Torres as the one to rely on after Costa.
  8. we should just keep him as our second striker. He signed a contract, we sent him to places where he could develop. Now lets use him. If he does exceptionally well, he will get more minutes and maybe will even force the manager to start playing 2 upfront. That is the bottomline for the club. Be strong. We bought him for some 15 million pounds, and have got him good loans where he has developed. He has 2 years on his contract left. Lets at least use him for one year and then decide on whether he proves himself at chelsea, keep him further or sell. If we sell him now, he surely must be worth atle
  9. Dont think there is any crisis with midfield. There was simply too much pressure on them over the last 2 seasons, due to our strikers scoring no goals. That causes us to have too much expectations from them. Hazard was third highest midfield scorer last season, with assists goals and bonus points combined. Dont know how he is in the crisis column, when only yaya and one more player scored more points than him. Willian got in the best of positions, and needs to give more assists, and a few more goals. Assists only work when there is a striker converting those chances created. Costa should take
  10. The only thing he needs to keep doing for Chelsea is to keep his pace up. Slowing down completely takes the edge off his abilities and allows defenders to double team him. Belgium were too slow and devoid of ideas, so everytime they got the ball, it was mostly debruyne crossing the ball in the box. Chelsea play quicker and it suits hazard. He should be even better with Costa and Fabregas. He didnt show passion in the WC, but neither did any one else on the belgium team. That is the only thing he can be found at faullt for. At Chelsea, the demands from a player are much higher than they were at
  11. wycombe wanderers,,,, first pre season game
  13. There goes our dream of winning the premier league. If Costa is injured, i really cant expect BA or Torres being able to do anything out of the ordinary to win us matches. After Torres' World Cup tap in blunder, i really cant imagine him scoring for us even in the easiest situation. If we do loan out Lukaku, and dont get a proper second choice striker, its over already. BRING BACK DROGBA!
  14. He would have been good for a fulham sort of team, or even a loan at everton could be possible. Nothing above though.
  15. The Site has gone into maintainence mode, so i fully expect the 2014/15 to start within a week or less. Cant wait. Lessons learnt last year. Bring it on.
  16. If he doesnt play amazing this world cup, thats actually good for us. No unnecessary speculation regarding transfers and all that nonsense. He can come back and shut all the doubters at Chelsea. Dont care if he plays well for Belgium or not. As long as he does what he does best at Chelsea, that is all that matters. Always better to be underrated than overrated.
  17. People who harbor hope of getting Pogba are the same as those PSG fans who think they might still get hazard this window. Not happening.
  18. No one doubts his potential. I have enjoyed watching him play for us last 2 years. I really thought that after Neymar, he would be the next big player affecting the game for brazil, and it is disappointing to see him not impose himself a bit more. Obviously he is not a right winger so i understand we wont see that side of him, but he still should be doing a bit more than he is currently in the team. I do believe though that he will come good this season, but he needs to get more proactive again, just like he was he first season when he joined us. He was everywhere, tackling passing scoring ...
  19. He has been invisible today. Even with the few touches he has had..... not good. Not enough workrate either. Sort yourself out bro. Seriously. Big personalities come out strong when people start doubting them.... Oscar needs to get his shit together fast.
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