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  1. icardy will be great for us
  2. RLC and traore really disappointed me in this game, RLC doesn't seem to fit in the striker role, look mostly tired and was caught offside too much times, traore made too much mistakes for a young player that need to fight for his place and prove himself, moses looked good but need to learn to pass the ball. but basically you can see the work of Conte, we are fighting again, matic seems much better, still need to work on his passing but he is fighting and tackling again, fabregas made more slides in this game then in all last season, aina was pretty impressive and i have high hopes for this guy
  3. his main problem- he loves the ball too much, don't know when to pass! and when he finally do it it's not accurate enough. hope conte will teach him a lesson or two about it
  4. is he injured or it's possible he leaving us soon? because he is not on the squad against Liverpool...
  5. hope we loan him to aston villa and RDM, but if there is a club that will buy him it's celtic
  6. I can't understand it, you can read here how much hope was from this guy and nothing, so much players became ghosts here at our club, i ask my self if Conte even heard about him and other players..i don't see logical reason why players like Papy and Atsu had there chance for 2 games to show what they can do on the pitch and pasalic & van ginkel not, i would give a chance to brown,solanke and bamford too, for the same reason i can't understand why loan ake and baker again, why not give them a chance first at pre-season. do you think that if ake was playing in the games Conte would not think
  7. why he didn't came back to training? someone know's what's going on with him?
  8. hope it will give solanke a chance how knows
  9. anyone know's what's going on with him at the end?
  10. Hope we sign him and that he will not go to crystal palace
  11. blueblood22


    someone know what's going on with him? is he injured? since the arrival of the new manger i didn't saw him even on the bench.
  12. scored against arsenal today! at least one chelsea fan was happy today... i believe he is still a chelsea fan
  13. what happened with this guy? anyone knows?
  14. yes but he wanted to leave because mourinho didn't believe in him and didn't gave him a chance. so what do you offer him to do? it was not like KDB case that he gave up really soon, bertrand tried season after season and then after long time he saw he doesn't have a chance with mourinho so he said o.k i love this club but i will not kill my career now.
  15. maybe now mourinho understand what a mistake he did when he let bertrand go
  16. what about ake? bamford? romeu? o.k i understand piazon didn't play a lot last season so at chelsea he will not play this season for sure, but bamford and romeu i think they deserve the chance, and probably ake is tired of sitting on the bench so he say i want to play and of course mourinho says go develop in another place not here. frustrating...
  17. if we will bring turan he will be a sub anyway as he is playing on the left wing, so hazard will not go to the bench, so in that case yes i prefer to develop a young chelsea lad. by your way of thinking why invest in youth anyway?! just buy players all the time. what about the Identity and soul of the club? yes i prefer one or even two years without titles and to give the youth a chance that we will be a club that young english lads know they can develop at.
  18. we don't need him! give a chance to our youth and the players that are coming back from loan like Bertrand Traoré
  19. just look at arsenal thay did not was a big threat but one player as ozil and boom thay are... so o.k this season is over for utd but look at the future!!! mata for me is better than uzil and next season JM and all chelsea going to understand how big mistake it was!
  20. what?! he is much better than torres he shown such a great skill today just need to work on his teamwork and maybe because of that he don't start...Reminds me of ibra in barca think about it!! still it was with piazon and moses and whan he had hazrd he pass much more because he know he have someone to count on... but was great on 1 against 1 not like torres against the GK coming back or shaknig for me him together with hazrd are the MOM
  21. i'm so happy about RDM every sub that i wanted him to do today he did... great subs! i think he answered us a lot of question today why piazon don't play more the same about azpi oriol even rayn... he could done much better in the attack azpi was o.k in defence but so poor on the attack i was really missed iva while the match and yes once again we saw how much terry still very important to this team... but i can tell how i fell: fucking delighted!!!!! amazing football ohhhh chelsea you my love my blood is blue for sure!!!!!! revenge is so sweet!!! absolutely delighted!!!!!!
  22. http://uk.eurosport....-075747387.html i must say i have mix feeling on it i mean l love JT a lot and he is a Legend but we need to look at the subject from all angles first of all JT is not in good shape, he had a really bad match against shakhtar and make luiz look bad near to him you have cahill on the squad that waiting for his time and for now he might be better for our team i can't see JT sitting on the bench and starting less like lampard now... do you think if JT will leave lampard will leave after him to the MLS or something like this? maybe it will be good for our young players bec
  23. first of all nice video but what you can see here that he is not strong enough-need to work a lot of hours in the Gym his passing and teamwork most improve but the good stuff is the dribbling, no doubt about it and how he move without the ball.. he is moving a lot and fast that is great
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