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  1. We both r here a long time and the forum Engine was switched a few Times i cant find Our direct conversations but Look at first page of Oscar topic After he was Signed someone quoted you albeit not a forum quote saying winger is his natural pos Me and others have been on the other sie after a while the time we knew more Abt him Then you said he is better as mata in 2012 when mata was on fire and he was on the wings back then dropping into #10 now and then Then before you said Oscar is going to be Our Main Player very soon You compared him to two wingers
  2. No seriously. That kongohasnoflash and rmpr said he must be #10 you said #10 or winger cause thats his natural pos he played before. No we disagree more often for example when i said mikel was a great asset to the Team but too lazy smtms, on mou coming back, etc... But thats normal i smtms think you r controversial but more often then not have valubale Input. Have only my mobile cause switching my internetprovider ATM Else i would search a bit the topics
  3. Really you both said he is no b2b or cm, cause he was #10 for brazil, so the position suits him Best. I always wanted to see him in Lamps pos or alongside cm
  4. Got so much bashing from rmpr and henrique when i wanted Him to play b2b or cm
  5. But seriously... this is crazy.... whatever this is... No way to pay so silly money... we did it before... have been criticized for that... where are all that hypocrites now? Still I don't like this...
  6. I don't know why he came on so late yesterday. He has an unbeliveable stamnia.
  7. This is awfull, I just don't know how you can kill innocent... even if your government or your political leader probably (I'm not enough into this topic) have done or are doing injustice to ppl, how can you kill innocent kids, parents, brothers, sisters, mothers, grandfathers.... what is wrong with you? Otherwise as a Kurd I can understand if ppl get so strongly repressed (like in Cizîre, Sûr, Nûseybîn) and little children loose everything, house, parents, friends, family.... they get mad and radical. Don't let us fool our selfs, every war will have his injustices. But a War should be ta
  8. I pretty much think, the club said to her. we've offered you money good money for settling, you wanted to go to trial and this and this is what we will do to you and your career, you will look like a greedy bitch and no one will ever appoint you again... but hey... just leave it take the xum X now and we will say we apreciated your work... they never ever gaver her 1.2 or even more money... At the beginning the chelsea lawyers made clear what they would make her look like, offered her to rebuild bridges to mou she declined, offered her money and to get back into the team she declined she want
  9. Oh I didn't say this I said: first time smth at least going into direction like The legendary and one and only BISON ... I was refering to an energetic strong midfielder... ya know? What a goal against Barca in the semis and what a goal against Arsenal.... LEGEND...
  10. Hope its true, first time smth at least going into direction like The legendary and one and only BISON... Missed that type of player. I still think Chelsea played the best footbal from 2003 - 20011... technically absolute top noch, nice crisp and fast passes, high tempo, great mental and physical strength.... for me the best way to play... stoping a straight accurate pass of Lamps on full speed from 2004 - 20011 couldn't have been done by many players in the world back then... loved our way to play... And thats why I like conte... he seems to have a pretty similar approach... technicall
  11. sad for the player... better for cfc
  12. really, really think he is a great striker... would love to have him here...
  13. I would wonder if he came to us. He has the chance to play CL with leicester, why wait another year to play in that with us? But maybe he likes the idea of play'n more regularly and thinks CFC has more chances of winning the epl than arse. Dunno if he wants to switch to Paris, when reports suggest he likes the idea of living in London.
  14. If the Chels-Fans want to keep theyr dignity and respect towards Mou...: - applaude him when he leaves the dog out... sing his name untill the kick off if you want... - from sec. 00.000001 onwards chant Contes name and sing our songs... - after the Game is over, and Mou shows his respect towards fans you can give him a warm applause for a good bye.... anything else will make us look like jokes... like when he played against us with Inter...
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