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  1. i can accept it, it thought about it afterwards and yes he is not poacher as tammy is, but still i don't think he is a complete striker... and he do need to play with another striker and not by himself. anyway i hope he will succeed here
  2. his name is Lewis Baker. anyway i think we need to give him and Chalobah more chances. of course not buying a CB and use more of Ake Zouma and Christensen. before running to buy new players lets check what do we have in the army of loans. look what happened with moses, we could easily miss that guy
  3. this game he can open with subs but next match he will play with regular XI, he will not want to give them so much time without playing before the fa cup final
  4. he is a poacher, that's mean he need another striker near him, you see how chelsea play for long long time and always we played with complete striker not with a poacher, at least not at the first XI, this is the problem of michy by the way that he is more of a poacher as well and yes the winning goal that he scored he did it when we played with 2 strikers... for that reason i'm hard to believe that tammy will make it here unfortunately, of course there are games that you see the ball goes near the line and costa miss it one after another but there a lot of time we need a big character to do mo
  5. for me Andrea Belotti need to be the first priority
  6. i was watching the first half and we had so much opportunities for a poacher like tammy, the ball going on the ling just for some one put a light touch that costa couldn't do. we are playing amazing, we could score at least 7!
  7. or half brain, more likely...
  8. i know it's not a cup game, but if you saw the last match, you can easily see pedro can not defend, luiz was horrible and costa for long time don't play even close to a good football, adding to all that Cesc is a problem against city because he cannot defend as well, and matic in not consistently at all, gave a really bad performance last match. so if you take all that and the fact that Chalobah showed every time he got a chance that he deserve to play for chelsea, so yes it's a risk but i think it's can be beneficial i know there is a small chance that it will happen but this is all t
  9. i will get luiz out for this match and get ake in as a LBC and put gary at the center, and maybe it will sound crazy but i thing this is the game that chalobah should open next to kante. and of course as many said here put zouma in and azpi as a RWB. and yes as you can see i think costa should be out as well. Courtois Zouma Cahill Aké Azpilicueta Alonso Chalobah Kanté Willian Hazard Pedro
  10. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11671/10803236/romelu-lukaku-frustrated-by-everton-transfer-policy-and-says-he-wants-to-win-trophies in this interview he showed why we should not bring him back, he is so arrogant, like zlatan but without the trophies, we should bring different characters to Chelsea, humble one's that respect the other players, the manager, we don't want another Costa or even worst then him... there were a time that we brought a lot of young players that are good guys azpi, hazard, KDB, mata it's make a good dressing room and help the team to have a strong bond on the
  11. 10xs mate! i think tammy abraham deserve that credit as well. Marco van Ginkel playing great but the injuries are still an issue, and if i will mention one more player that's work hard and don't say a word is kalas that already played against liverpool in chelsea first team and played well, just unlucky to be in mourinho time.
  12. scored twice today at the cup as they win 2-1. anyone have a video?
  13. I'm not sure because there is the possibility that conte is just conservative, and a bit afraid to do changes because this is his first year and he want to do something big, and the machine is working quite well so why take risky chances and change to try to make think even better, only if there problems there need for change (at least some people think like that). maybe if we will win the league this season than he will feel more confidence and comfortable, only then he will feel more free to take chances and try to make things even better even when they work quite well, because he say h
  14. scored a winning goal yesterday. hope we will cash him out with a big value, don't see him playing for us although maybe conte watching him more because he is playing in Italy.
  15. poor guy, interesting if the media will ask him anything about it. hope the guy took it with a laugh. isn't it steve holland?
  16. No, i think the issue is if he goes to an english club (now and not at the end of the season) they will need to pay us something like 500K Betterment fees as far as i know.
  17. Conte said today he never wanted dembele
  18. How come that no club agree terms with him yet? because all he has left is 6 months to his contract, so it is possible to start negotiate with other clubs, and it's look like he doesn't have any chance staying here after all the problems he made wishing for a 50K a week...
  19. I still think he needs a lot of education, because sometimes he's playing like he's in the brazilian league and he's not, he needs to play football and stop concentrate doing tricks all the time.
  20. he looked like mentally weak, when something goes wrong he disappointed straight away, you saw how he kicked the ball at the end of the half, and this is killing him, i didn't tough he had a good game, he doesn't run as he needs too, yes i know he is frustrated but still when you have a chance prove yourself, if you ask me he need to work with a psychologist it will do magic with him.
  21. so now he is staying for sure right?
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