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  1. anyway it's look like he is not the type of player that conte looking for, i don't think he have future here...
  2. yes he can run, he can penetrate, he have understanding of football by this video but not even one tackle, we don't want another winger...
  3. i think we should start with the regular 11, costa in willan out ( just because pedro is in such a great form) maybe put chalobah in near kante because he is definitely deserve more then just a cup game, but more important put ake, michy, and even musonda on the bench and try to get them in after 60/65 min, hopefully we will be in good situation. and yes if we wouldn't have a cup game in the same week and the the Liverpool game had been more close i would have said to give more players a chance but it is not the situation
  4. During conte pre-Hull City press conference i noticed that as well, when he spoke about his options in the 3 front positions he said: "At the moment for me to make a decision is not easy, it is not simple. At the moment I have four or five players that are very strong in that position. I have Pedro, Willian, Hazard, Costa and I also have Ruben. It is not easy because they are in good form and they give me different options." he didn't mention michy, maybe it's just an accident and not intentionally but as they said in the article it's not a good sign for michy that conte forgot abou
  5. don't think we will sign him but if we will do it, what Charly Musonda will think? it will kill his hope.
  6. can someone tell me why Musonda and Kenedy came back and Bamford didn't?
  7. I think another loan will be a failure for us. we need to play with him, he stayed at Holland this year because of his family and confirmation for first XI, and a player that take decision because of his family will not want to drag them each year to another place, and Before all else the main reason we need to play him is because he deserve it.
  8. well you wouldn't say Moses have any defensively strengths few months ago, so you cannot know what magic Conte could have done with Bertrand, and even without Conte i believe Bertrand is not that far away offensively form Marcos Alonso .
  9. only if Mourinho wouldn't sell ryan bertrand we had another home grown player and really great WLB he could have been perfect for this job, still miss this lad.
  10. my first XI for this match is tibo azpi luiz terry aina alonso RLC Chalobah willan oscar michy
  11. iva and fabergas still injured according to conte
  12. anyone know if roman was at the match? because the camera hasn't showed him even once yesterday.
  13. can someone tell me why this song is connected to Chelsea?
  14. he is fit there because they now have a manger with a defensive mind, and kendy should have been at bournemouth because they have a manger with an attacking style of play. we need to switch between them.
  15. i'm the only one that think like that? because i saw an article today about the accident in the match between costa and conte and they are saying the same, that costa couldn't stand the criticism from conte any more.
  16. for bristol city not for chelsea...
  17. a bit harsh but o.k... i though we talking about academy players that grew up at chelsea and not about this HG law.
  18. how is begovic is homegrown? because he played as a youngster in england? and what about moses is he considered as well?
  19. Chelsea should bring him bamford and kenedy back as soon as possible they are wasting full season there.
  20. i think that costa was angry on conte that he shouted to him to pass the ball to the right (chalobah) and he passed to the left to hazard, after that costa shouted if you don't like what i do you can sub me, and because conte is smart and didn't want to make a drama he didn't get michy inside,but if costa wouldn't do all this story michy had played, because you saw RLC was not suit to play there and the formation looked very odd. hope michy have patience.
  21. as i see it oscar played pretty good this season as a box to box player. and as i love to see our academy players going throw RLC don't deserve to be in the squad more then oscar.
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