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  1. don't you think he should ripping apart the U21 league if he was that great talent as we all think he is and like the chelsea board thought he is When they bought him in 7 milion pound! the same price that we pay for azpi!!! and the same as marin! just came in my mind after chelsea U21 match recently...
  2. 1. first lineup : Cech Azpi Luiz Terry ryan Ramires Romeu Hazard Oscar Mata Sturridge second lineup not exactly against weaker team just need to rotate: Cech Ivanovic Cahill Luiz Cole Mikel lampard moses piazon Marin Torres Possible that Ferreira will play in the right and iva will be in the center and luiz will get rest but i really don't believe in the ability of Ferreira i really do believe we have 21 great players (as i said i don't believe in Ferreira) and thay should all get a chance and this both 11 are great 2.Premier league has to be top priorit
  3. I don't know if it's right or not but this is the line up euro sport say we going to open http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/football/champions-league/2012-2013/fc-nordsj-aelig-lland-chelsea-519069.html
  4. I think you may add Tomas Kalas to all this amazing 5 players, he is really one to watch, great CB hope he will given the chance but imo is all about our manger i mean ryan succeeded only because RDM belive in him and gave him the chance last season AVB didn't and it's not like ryan changed in a min form a avrage player to a great one just one manager belive in him and the other is not and this is a bit sad because those young players career is all in the hand of one man... hope that RDM will stay and get the security that he's need to feel comfortable to use our great youngsters
  5. you thinking about the short run i think about next season the others and what i want to se is lukaki as our main striker!! with danny as a sub or the other way and if we bring falaco we kill lukaku just be patint!
  6. well it's probably mean we will not see Bamford or Blackman agains wolves but i'm happy that piazon and marin will play
  7. you need to understand something in small countries the media talking about a team a lot and show the team on TV if the team playing astonishing like barca or if the team have a player from the nation. people saying from Czech Republic on cech Nigeria obi mikel and now moses as to us Yossi Benayoun is mostly one of the best player we ever had. was a hero at liverpool west ham before and before racing in spain and for chelsea thay didn't gave him a real chance don't get me wrong i didn't want him at chelsea from the beginning only because of his age not other thing he is a great player. now bac
  8. Turnbull Azpilicueta Cahill Luiz Bertrand Ramires Romeu Moses piazon Marin Sturridge as what KonohasOrangeFlash but oscar out and piazon in!! and if Sturridge can't play so play with Bamford
  9. torres watch and learn http://watchhighlightsonline.blogspot.co.il/2012/09/video-west-brom-1-0-reading-highlights.html
  10. I think we can take a lot of positive stuff from this match first of all what we all talking about just happened oscar mata hazard all play together and rami playing as a cm finally!! so... rami was great! all the 3 up front didn't play so great together but it's there first time don't forget it!! it will only get better and better and we need to put the faith on tham let's hope that RDM will lose a little faith from torres and give sturridge some chances another big positive thing from this match is moses... was so great doing defense and attack absolutely great all around!!! my dream 11 is w
  11. I know 1 thing that until now if you ask me the best game or at least half game that we had is against reading over there RDM really did the right decisions get oscar in and rami out aftar 57 min and danny in and mikel out aftar 68 min and at the end meireles for mata that was good sub as well. in some min we had torres danny matat oscar and eden on the field and thay played great and gave us attacking football like we love to see Of course i'm not expecting to play all the 5 of tham together but we all want at least 4 of tham each match in the XI and aftar the match RDM said don't expect to s
  12. franky and rami both playing so poor must get out i'm really finding my self asking about rami were is the player that we use to love so much?! frank losing too much balls and seems not to get too excited about it and ryan was not so bad but not good as well we must have an attacking player there hope for sub in half at least one-oscar in rami out and if another so moses in and ryan out so disappointed that there is more players on the bench that we all talk before the match that we want's tham in the XI danny oriol azpi oscar and moses almost all the bench!
  13. Hazard is not a striker!!! romeu should be great and we should believe in him and not buy a new DM and look like marin will have injuries probalm so i'm hard to believe he will be in the XI and danny/lukaku should be here!!
  14. hope oscar will play he was really great with brazil 3 assist and 1 goal i know it's only poor china but still we must get him inside the XI don't make him Lukaku 2 that show we can buy someone in a lot of money and not play with him. he can add something special to the team and break easily Tough defensive line and give torres to eat if you know what i mean
  15. well i want all of you to think like this ED is our assistant manager like RDM was the assistant manager and look what AVB did with the team and what RDM did with the the team it's dosen't mean that the manager and his assistant think the same or even close to that
  16. I think Bertrand shold be the first choice because he is a home grown player and this is very importent, like this the fans will Identify with him! and cole need to go out soon! second choice yes gary and third if he will play in the 11 Oriol Romeu could be great imo!
  17. my best 11 that no one wrote cech Azpic-Cahill-Terry-Bertrand Romeu-Ramires Hazard-oscar-mata Sturridge if you ask me this is the best 11 not only against QPR this is what i want to see all season a lot of guys say give a chance to torres he will get back to himself. give a chance to Sturridge he will show you that he could be better than torres and he will not be selfish if he will get more that 10 minutes to prove himself and not be nervous that he must score a goal in this short time.i don't say kill torres
  18. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11820/8038853/Dutch-star-poised-for-PSG-move i think until the end of the day he will be there
  19. i'm the only one that see him playing as a striker?
  20. you have a rule in south america for some years you can't get players that less than 18 years old-you can see it with piazon we bought him an waited for him to be 18 to come to chelsea
  21. you said he deserves to be rested but the question is whether he wants to rest at all? maybe he knows that if ryan show what he knows on real time avb will doubt ashly and than he will lose is place...
  22. why are you sure he will play? ashly cannot play next match? or AVB says something about it?
  23. I Think who saw all the game against man utd saw of my opinion the worst game ever for ashly cole the second and third goal that we suffered is 65% his blame came from his side, he did'nt came back to defense yes i know he stopped in the end barbatov to score another one but stiil he was very very bad game didn't tackle well not fast enough and what i'm trying to say we have a great defander on the team the captain of the U21 england national team and he is allready 22 years old, have to play and he is good enough as we saw whan he did got the chance to show it and now is the time definitely w
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