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  1. someone knows were RLC and COH were yesterday? because they weren't in the celebrations
  2. this one i already know, i was hoping for something better but i'm watching the game on this right now...
  3. does someone have a link for the full game in good quality?
  4. he need hours and hours of work in the jym and stop expecting the ref to give him every call...
  5. some toughts about the match: cahill really had a bad game, some stupid mistakes that could cost us against a better team, rudiger is not used to play as a RCB i guess, because he looked really nerves and made a lot a mistakes in short time on the field. andreas was really impressive, i love luiz and everything but i thing this guy is better because he is concentrated all the time so i hope maybe he can stay in the center and luiz will go left and azpi right or something like that because this kid must plat in the first 11. hazard still not near his fitness... michy need more ga
  6. the same as i tought, can't azpi play as a LCB and then andreas as a RCB? azpi played as a LB in the past...
  7. not even on the bench today...disappointing
  8. http://www.90min.com/posts/5495374-blues-board-kept-antonio-conte-away-from-chelsea-transfers-after-alex-oxlade-chamberlain-farce?utm_source=fotmob&utm_medium=share if this is true it's a big problem for us, hope it's just nonsense...
  9. why would we sign up Remy in our 25 and not him? was remy departure came as a surprise to anyone?
  10. after the transfer window shout down. just thought if i can make 2 first 11 from all our squad. this what i wrote down first 11 number number 1-the better one by my opinion: GK-tibu CRB-cristensen CB-luiz CLB-azpi CM-kante CM baka RWB-moses LWB-alonso LW-hazard ST-morata RW- pedro second 11: GK- willy CRB-rudiger CB- Jake Clarke-Salter (what can you do, let's hope for good) CLB-cahill RWB-zappacosta LWB-kenedy (sad one, our weaker position, worst then salter if you ask me) CM-fabregas
  11. i must say i had a bit of hope the deal will fall down and then we will call back Lewis Baker
  12. costa still have one more day to get out of our club!
  13. someone know why he was not on the bench today?
  14. blueblood22


    was vary selfish today, too much dribble, sometimes at our half that eventually he lost the ball instead of free it fast and start run to get it back
  15. can someone tell me how was baker playing? did he replaced moses?
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